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Do you have any old CDs at home?  Recycle them this way, and add a touch of light to your home

Do you have any old CDs at home? Recycle them this way, and add a touch of light to your home

Be careful not to throw away old CDs you may have at home: there may be a nice and useful way to recycle them

Often times we are so used to letting go of everything around us to think about things instead The opportunities that things represent.

For this reason, today we decided to show you how to reuse Old and now unused CDs. In fact, creativity and fun will allow you to make your CDs gods Perfect beings For your decor.

CDs, and how to recycle them instead of throwing them away

First, start with Boil your CDsOr better, put it in a pot of water on the fire for a short time, to clean it properly and remove any trace of stains or corrosion over time that may make your furniture unaesthetic. At this point, place two of these disks one on top of the other but not overlapping, in such a way that you can trace the profile of the disk above and create “Crescent” line. On the one below.

CD recycling –

Once the line is torn, the… Split the CD roughly in half, start cutting it exactly according to the drawing you made: what you will get, in fact, is a perfect half-moon. Put it aside and go back to the second of your discs, the one that’s still intact. Using a small cutter, separate the upper and lower parts of the disc and keep only the upper part: so to speak, the colored part. At this point, draw several stars on its surface with a marker and start cutting them out carefully. Therefore the advice is not to make it too small.

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Once all the stars are cut out, join them together using With the help of chain, Which you will attach to the surface of these shapes with the help of glue or tape instead. Our advice is to only knit two stars together per stitch. At this point, do the same procedure with the previously discarded portion of the moon-shaped CD, this time drawing simple rectangles to cut out. Finally, take a final CD and make small holes along its edge.

In fact, through these holes on the third CD in particular, you will have to pass strips of previously used thread decorated with stars and dots and also with small rectangles cut and fixed together with glue. The result will be Little dream catcher Which you can finally add the half moon to, or alternatively you can keep it separate.