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Discovered by Edoardo Galli, he disappeared from Coligo: he had a ticket to go home

Discovered by Edoardo Galli, he disappeared from Coligo: he had a ticket to go home

OffCesare Giusi and Barbara Gerosa

The boy, who ran away from home a week ago, was identified by the railway police on Friday morning. A woman recognized him

It has been discovered A sixteen-year-old boy disappeared from Colico in the Lecco area on Thursday, March 21, in the area of ​​Milan's central station this morning. Polfer officials have identified the teenager.

The boy was inside the station area. A woman spotted him near the ticket machine at 7.40am on Friday March 28 and identified him. The passenger called a nearby railway employee after comparing the picture which had circulated on social media and in the press in recent days. At that point two officers from the Milan Railway Police approached the young man, who immediately confirmed his details. According to preliminary information, the youth is sixteen years old He bought a train ticket to return home to his parents in Colico.

His health is good. According to investigators, the young man was returning home, but would not have been in Milan for the past few days, instead taking a train back to his parents. The Lecco Carabinieri and the prosecutor's office are carrying out checks on the places where the student spent last week and the people who gave him hospitality. The boy is already returning to his family home.

“I thank the police and all the people who have helped us through this terrible week.”. These were the first words spoken by the father of a 16-year-old student at Central Station. The parent spoke briefly to journalists before entering Bolfer's office with his wife and their other daughter: “I don't have tears – he told reporters -. Where have you spent the last 8 days? Now it's very interesting to us.” Grandfather also spoke on TV: «Now we will try to understand the reasons for the gesture, and we will help him to continue his activity as a student and to reintegrate in the school where he was happy and he did well. As we always do, we will be patient and attentive grandparents to his development as a human being. I am glad. I am very happy and looking forward to it. I can't wait to hug him.”

“The country is celebrating and this is the best news we could have had before
“Holy Easter”
. Colico Mayor Monica Gilardi also expressed her relief at finding the young man. “We can only be happy, Colico is rallying around the family,” he concluded.

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