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Danielle Dal Moro distances himself from Nicole Murgia – VIP Big Brother

Danielle Dal Moro distances himself from Nicole Murgia – VIP Big Brother

after telling l Oriana Whatever he thinks about herAnd the Daniel He goes off to let off steam in the kitchen with some buddies.

He also profiles Nicole And warns her:To be with the gimp learn to gimphe tells the actress, who has been linked since entering the Venezuelan. Nicole defends herself by saying she doesn’t allow her friends to influence her.

VIP increases the dose: He thinks Nicole is a smart woman, but he does nothing but get along with someone who makes fun of her. Sharing the principles that inspire the saying”Tell me who you’re going with and I’ll tell you who you areDaniel is careful not to get close to rivals who surround themselves with people he doesn’t respect and that’s why he didn’t speak to her for two days.

He’s different from Oriana, he’s not fake and calculating, so he decides to keep an eye on her and see how far she can go. He reiterates again that despite the physical attraction, he does not trust her enough to start getting to know her.

Nicole regrets that Danielle is only judging her for the company she keeps. He respects his silence, but does not share them. She would have preferred to be judged for who she is, rather than for her friendship with Oriana.

The boy identifies as a generally distrustful person who tends to study those around him before opening up about his personal secrets. “I want to maintain good relationships with people who deserve themVIP is keen to clarify.

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Nicole says she noticed Daniele’s departure and didn’t ask for an explanation, so as not to upset him. She still respects him and considers him shrewd, but finds it ridiculous to break off relations with her simply because she is a friend of Oriana’s. “My thinking hasn’t changed at all and believe me, I’m so sorry you never spoke to me againshe says sorry.

Oriana is interested in everyone. says VIP, who does not believe in the good faith of the model.

It also interferes Wilma He’s clearly taking Daniele’s side: if Oriana pushes Nicole towards Daniele, that means she basically feels no interest in the boy. This is evidence of the little interest he held in the Venetian entrepreneur.

So Daniel seems to have made up his mind: neither Oriana and Nicole have convinced him and he doesn’t seem ready to get to know either of them better. Will the actress be able to make him change his mind?