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Paulo Fox Tower on April 22, 2021. The new moon and the passage of the sun change cards slightly for some signs. But how will your day go? What are the favorite signs of 22 stars April?

Paul Fox April 22nd: predictions

Aries. If you are in a relationship in Libra, pay attention to the afternoon. On the other hand, stable couples will have to pay attention to the economic side. At work today there might be a little distraction.

Tooru. Those who are in crisis or who have recently faced controversy must now avoid conflict. At work, don’t even think about work today.

Gemini. Any heated discussions or confrontation with the partner should be addressed in the morning, in the afternoon there is less energy. At work, it’s a good day to talk about projects; If you can’t get something done, postpone it to 26.

cancer. A favorable period for encounters that arise suddenly: there is a good understanding with Taurus and Scorpios. At work is a good time to apply.

virgin. Even if there was a separation, you can try to build something beautiful: The moon has been in your sign since this afternoon. At work is a great opportunity time, do not underestimate the meetings.

Weight scale. The closer to May, the better the stars will get: couples who still love each other can recover. You have understood in your work that some choices must be made before, but you can always change your mind.

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The scorpion. The first part of the day is not the best but that does not mean that there are problems. Spouses who have argued will recover. Who is in the balance between two stories must decide now. At work there is a little bit of excitement but in the afternoon it will be better.

Sagittario. The day is divided into two halves: morning is good for love, but in the afternoon some problems will arise. At work today, excitement will create some problems for you.

Capricorn. New love is easy to manage and in the afternoon the moon will also be appropriate. Younger people don’t have to stop at work, but try to do the math well.

Fishbowl. It’s a very strange sky, you can speed up the times when things in love have to be done calmly. At work today, you might want to leave everything behind but try not to.

Fish. Today you will have more cravings for love, but in the afternoon some controversy may return. At work, he always tries to monitor economic problems.