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Adriano Celentano, the fatal catastrophe: he can no longer speak

Adriano Celentano, the fatal catastrophe: he can no longer speak

Adriano Celentano – Direct Line

Adriano Celentano was the victim of an unhappy moment in his life. The fear of this event prompted the artist to think for a long time about how he would live. The exciting discovery shook his family.

word “Spreaded“Makes you think of him instantly.”Adriano Celentano. Italian music icon and also an actor. a Entertainment legend which was unmistakably distinguished from the others. His talent has been evident since childhood.

Adriano Celentano was born in Milanin 1938, under the sign Capricorn. At the beginning of his career, he embarked on the path of singer-songwriter, actor, showman, screenwriter and also television writer. via his way of dancing he is called Spreaded.

Remember songs likethe sky is blue” And the “Gluck Street Boy“Always timeless. The newest.”Emotion has no voiceIt cemented his fame and record Made of enamel Immediately entered between Italian strikes momentarily.

Profession Adriano Celentano It has been marked by many successes. In January 2019, the cartoon was broadcast on Canale 5 Adrian. Written, directed, produced and edited byMilanese artist. An album with original music from the anime was released in 2019.

The dramatic story of his son, Giacomo

Adriano Celentano He had a difficult time due to the illness of his son mosques. The artist decides to release an interview where he tells himself how not to I did before Starting with some of its details Private life.

Adriano Celentano
Adriano Celentano – Direct Line

Hadrian He admitted that he fell into severe depression and explained how His son’s illness separated him from his family, who found it difficult to understand him. The boy had difficulty breathing and could not Express concepts with words. Surely it was this situation that worried the famous singer.

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After going to more than one specialist, no one could tell what was happening to the boy. for several years mosques suffered a related consequenceanxiety. Adriano Celentano’s son was the very restless type that this problem literally embodied his entire respiratory system. Now the boy is in perfect shape, but for the parents it was an experience Shocking. Adriano’s son managed to find peace, thanks to the love in which he was found Katia Cristianohis current wife.