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Daniele Dal Moro Accusations of Oriana Marzoli – VIP Big Brother

Daniele Dal Moro Accusations of Oriana Marzoli – VIP Big Brother

during a commercial break, Daniel accuse Oriana to which I suggested an answer Nicole during the GF Game Night.

Thanks to this advice, the girl won a night with the handsome Venetian. Oriana is shocked by the boy’s provocation and swears she didn’t say anything. Daniele sees his surprise as false and is sure of what he is saying.

The conversation resumes at the end of the show and Oriana categorically denies any contact with her friend. You didn’t see well, you didn’t hear wellShe says confidently to Danielle.

The boy is sure of what he saw and decides to reveal the Venezuelan. His position will now be as follows: if he notices incorrect behavior on the part of the model, he will not remain silent.

“I don’t want to talk to you anymore“Tired of the girl’s lies and lies,” says Venice. According to him, the model keeps making the same mistakes and no matter how hard he tries to reevaluate her, he can’t trust her.

She has many qualities, she is very kind and beautiful but that doesn’t mean he appreciates her. He had condoned his behavior many times, but now he was tired of being silent. She’s wrong with him many times, but she doesn’t want to get back on topic.

Then the girl walks away, leaving Danielle to clear it up with Nicole.

Nicole, who stayed with Daniele, is keen to point out that she has not received any suggestions. However, he doesn’t care about his defenses. The point is, he doesn’t trust Oriana, and therefore he doesn’t trust her either.

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They still don’t have a relationship, so Danielle may not speak to the actress anymore without feeling upset.
You are extra in this discussion. he says, indicating that he never accused her of anything and that he only feels resentment for Oriana.

She could even try to convince him, but she wouldn’t change her mind. WilmaOrellana, whom he trusts, tells him things that lead him to believe this version of events, while Oriana proves it to be fake on several occasions.

By now the Venezuelan has lost all credibility and the dignitaries will have no second thoughts. Until he makes him change his mind with actions, not words, Daniel will remain steadfast in his convictions.