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Czech Republic, Canada, USA and Finland fly to the semifinals - OA Sport

Czech Republic, Canada, USA and Finland fly to the semifinals – OA Sport

Quarterfinal I. The 2022 Ice Hockey World Cup released their verdicts by giving us the names of the four semifinal teams. Let’s go and see how the track went.

Two challenges in the afternoon: The Czech Republic once bit Germany, winning 4-1. At the end of a match, the first period was dominated by goals from Pastranak and Cervenga, and for the second and third time Crazy and Smezcal interrupted with a temporary 1-3 Dudonic branded by the disciples.
With Canada’s victory in the second over, 4-3 extra time against Sweden. Pathos rich game between North Americans and Scandinavians. The Swedes go 3-0 at the start with Clinberg, Nylander and Freiberg: but things change from the middle of the second period. The Canadians responded with respect, in the third set: Graves, Dubois and Parcel 3-3 with one minute from the end. Sweden went to the top of the table in extra time as a result of Fatherson’s goal and fell 4-3.

In the evening, the other two matches are scheduled here. The US team defeated Switzerland 3-0. A perfect defensive and surgical attack for the Americans, he scored with goals from Mayers and Gautet in the first period, again in the third round with Myers (Brace for him).
Hosts Finland, on the other hand, used some substantial extra energy to make a comeback, beating Slovakia 4-2. It all starts with the guest brand: Sygora and Regenta 0-2, but before the break it went 1-2 with Andila’s goal. The Finns clung to a belief, and it became more and more determined to start grinding the game.
2-2 comes back with Antilles, then leads in the third round and decisive win: Manninen 3-2 and finally, with plain net, Mainelen 4-2.

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The semifinals are scheduled for Saturday, May 28: Czech Republic-Canada and USA Finland.

Photo: Corolla Semino