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Ultima tendenza per il ponte del 2 Giugno

Bridge June 2, Today’s updates have significantly changed the forecast, details

Weather: June 2 bridge, today’s updates forecast, details have changed significantly

In early June, a new strong heat wave is possible in Italy. Sub-tropical air masses are coming

The latest trend for the long weekend of June 2ndStart of June, so including the bridge Republic Day, Risks marking an important turning point in the weather front. The latest update released today by the European Center Significantly changed the forecast.

At the beginning of the new month of June, large-scale changes are expected, in short, theSummer beginsDisruptively, to warm up the engines and the main protagonist will always be himself: African resistance.

What causes a sudden turn of the burning high pressure?

To answer this question, we must, as usual, broaden our view of the entire hemisphere and analyze the relevant meteorological statistics. Well, from the maps it is clear in the first days of June one Deep low pressure area (Hurricane) Going deep On the Portuguese coast in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Due to the counter-clockwise rotation of the currents around the minimum depression, this massive atmospheric engine will pull the considerably warmer air of the continental subtropical extraction coming directly from the “red-hot” deserts towards the Mediterranean bed. Of Morocco and Algeria.

The “cusp” of the African anticyclonic promenade would push it towards the Iberian Peninsula and France, and then capture much of Central and Southern Europe, including Italy.

At this point, the most viable hypothesis for the long term Bridge of the Republic (Thursday 2 June) is one of The whole summer of fresh and important heat wave. Due to the subtropical origin of the wind (inside the Sahara Desert), except for the sunRising temperature With values ‚Äč‚Äčabove the climatic average: it can be translated into new combustion of heat as the thermometers are ready to spray. Widely above 35 C especially in the central south and two main islands.
It will also be very hot in the north, although we cannot currently rule out the possibility of locals Heat storms, Especially in the Alps and adjacent plains. However, we will have the opportunity to talk about this in our next update.

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June 2: A new strong heat wave is possible in ItalyJune 2: A new strong heat wave is possible in Italy