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Controversy over appointment of Di Fusco, theater of Rome.  Democrats Attack Sangiuliano: “Worthy Choice” – News

Controversy over appointment of Di Fusco, theater of Rome. Democrats Attack Sangiuliano: “Worthy Choice” – News

“Rights in government, whether national or regional, always have the same obsession: to occupy places.” The attack of Ellie Schlein, secretary of the PD, seals the political fight that broke out around the appointment of Luca di Fusco as general director of the Teatro di Roma: the decision taken by the board of directors of the foundation in the presence of three members was pointed out. The Ministry of Regions and Culture , in the absence of the President, Francesco Siciliano, and the Councilor, the Municipality, Natalia D'Iorio, and immediately by the opposition was labeled as the Meloni administrator's new blitz on culture. “We've passed the alarm level,” Schlein says. “Di Fusco is not right-wing”, replies the Minister of Culture Gennaro Sangiuliano: “a worthy choice was made” for his appointment as general director of the Teatro di Roma.

Sangiuliano reiterates that the new director “has great experience. And he had political militancy with the Socialist Party when he was young. He's not right-wing, he's an expert,” and “it's necessary to let in those who are not.” A part of mainly Romanian circles can express themselves in the field of culture”. And, he notes, the three candidates and the Board of Directors were selected by the “External Commission”, where I am the only member represented, I did not dominate, I chose the most qualified profile”. Everything is in order, reiterates from the manager FdI Culture Federico Mollicone, who speaks of the appointment “legitimated by regulatory bodies and budget emergencies”. Case lands in Parliament: Mollicone's alleged role in the affair prompts Dems to declare an urgent question to Minister Sangiuliano, as Mayor Roberto Gualtieri prepares to challenge the resolution.

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Meanwhile, pointing to the methods of appointment of Siciliano di Fusco, a member of the board was appointed “empty representatives” – despite his prerogatives as president – to define the details of the contract and above all the salary of the new general manager , “150 thousand euros, in addition to the directors' fees): “excessive” number and “68 thousand euros” is “almost three times” what Di Fusco has received so far in the Catania building. “I called all the councilors and mayors to intervene and withdraw from the intention described above, otherwise all measures will be evaluated”, warns Siciliano. “We will oppose this unacceptable act of arrogance in all forums”, reiterates Gualtieri. “It is completely legal. A choice of responsibility”, replied the theater vice-president Danilo del Gaiso, indicated by the Lazio region. “The Foundation cannot function without a general director”, it said, “without an administrative and artistic management system. It is very important”.

Learn more ANSA agency Rome Theater, from Caron to Germano by Di Fusco – Theater – against recommendation From Fabrizio Arcuri to Matteo Garrone, Lino Guanciale to Elio Germano, Maddalena Parise to Vinicio Marchioni: more than twenty “artists of the city and country of Rome” have signed a letter of protest, the Repubblica website anticipated. (ANSA)

All is well for Mollicone, who puts Siciliano's administration in his sights: “Because of him, the Teatro di Roma is in temporary operation and in danger of losing the ministerial funds, without which the budget balance is not possible. So the appointment , due to the rebellious spirit of the representatives of the municipality, was urgently decided by the members”, “in the Department of Culture of the Parliament The first institutional level”, FDI says, is “the task of monitoring together”. with the Cultural Commission, in all permanent theaters and cultural institutions”. A role contested by the Democratic Party that Mollicone “improperly interfered” with Matteo Orbini and “appointed Sangiuliano as commissioner” with Irene Manzi.

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In Dems's reading, Fratelli d'Italia's speaker would have imposed himself on the minister and instead supported the name of Onofrio Guattaya, the current commissioner of Maggio Fiorentino, to free up a place for Carlo Fortes. Roy's former CEO was without a post in San Carlo after his candidacy was rejected by the judiciary. Artists and actors take the field in the conflict of these times: from Matteo Caron to Lino Guanciale to Elio Germano, from Maddalena Paris to Vinicio Marchioni they sign an open letter supporting the shared choice for the Teatro di Roma. A garrison of workers led by Capital Cultural Councilor Miguel Cotter in front of the Argentine Theater announces an assembly and mobilization efforts.

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