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Service suspended between Termini and Battistini, chaos over attack on shuttle buses.  Then the line went back

Service suspended between Termini and Battistini, chaos over attack on shuttle buses. Then the line went back

More or less total paralysis: The Line A Metro stops, first Norm And Octavianthen extended between Termini and Battistini. Attack 72 replacement buses were parked on the road, which later rose to around 90, but the chaos is now unmanageable. Traffic was restricted and not just in the immediate vicinity of the metro stops: all the roads around Termini were reduced to a single, gigantic snake of buses, motorbikes, cars; But the traffic in Repubblica was so frenzied that the attack drivers were forced to drop off passengers bound for the termini. Therefore, adding more cars to the blocked surface is also ineffective, creating more traffic congestion. Electricity problem Contrary to first widespread reports, the company clarifies that the trains’ electric cables were not cut by the convoy.

Tram in Rome, Palmiro Togliatti: priority routes become cycle routes

But the failure of an electrical transformer located a few tens of meters before the Lepanto station set off alarms, blocking a passing train and forcing passengers to disembark and walk a hundred meters through tunnels to reach the exit. The moment an electric “safety” — Atac’s technical term — is triggered, the metro’s traffic must stop. It happened last November 21, on Line B, which was suspended for eight hours between Castro Pretorio and San Paulo Basilica. In this case, ATTACK fielded 100 alternative buses which were not enough to solve the problems of the passengers. At that time, the problem was a warning about the state of the correct mechanical tension of the electric cables, which must be stretched in the right way to prevent the risk of being cut by the train, as it happened, however, in April 2021 Rome- Lido di Ostia railway. Today, at least according to the official notes issued by the company, the problem seems to be minimal, so the service started slowly at 10.30 am, hence the disruption for about 4 hours from 6.20 am today.

Rome, Metro A: Broken escalators at Cornelia station

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