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Apple, ok primi stati Usa a carte d’identità e patenti nel wallet

Apple, OK first US states ID cards and wallet driving licenses

Wednesday 1 September 2021 – 17:14

Apple, OK first US states ID cards and wallet driving licenses

The iPhone does not have to be physically visualized, a reader will pick them up

Rome, 1 September. (Askanews) – Apple has announced the first US states to join the use of the new iOS 15 device, which allows driving licenses and state ID cards to be stored in the wallet. Arizona and Georgia will be the first to accept Apple-branded digital ID cards and driver’s licenses, followed by Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma and Utah. The timing is unknown and the Cupertino team is limited in announcing that more information will be available to consumers later. The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA), the U.S. Civil Transportation Authority, has confirmed that some airport checkpoints and security corridors will open when states accept Apple mobile ID cards.

Inserting an ID card into Apple’s wallet is no different than inserting a credit card, but after scanning the document with the phone’s lens, you must provide a selfie that the government can use for verification. Apple also announced that “users will be asked to complete a series of head and face movements while setting up”.

The panel also stressed the privacy protection that this new feature includes, in fact “Apple and the states that publish the document do not know when and where the owner discloses them” and will require biometric authentication to share data. Identity documents “will be displayed digitally by encrypted communication between the device and the reader, so users should not open, display or hand over the iPhone.”

According to the ACLU and Electronic Frontier Foundation, “in the long run, if digital identity documents completely replace body documents, or if body document holders experience deficiencies, it will have a significant impact on honesty and justice in American life.”