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Con-vive Carrara Festival Children’s Space

Carrara – Going to Carrara on the days of Con Vive Carrara, from 8 to 11 September, means immersion in a new atmosphere, consisting of opportunities for reflection and deepening, but also celebration and creativity aimed at everyone, including children. In the program of this edition there will be many activities in the space for children and young people, which will range from readings, creative workshops and moments of in-depth study and discovery in science and technology, to inviting young ones but also for children to think and interact about the meaning of the paths, to tell them, understand their value and above all To design their future, as well as to pass through the world of the web and digital. Marks, footprints, impressions, objects from the past and natural elements will be the traces around which the events and space initiatives for children and young people will revolve at the two locations: the Courtyard of the Daughters of Jesus Institute and the Music Stage.

In the courtyard of the Daughters of Jesus Institute, a double appointment every day throughout the feast days. Thursday 8 September, two creative workshops: “The Time Machine, Once upon a time there was a spinning mill”, by the Fili di Juta Association, A journey through space and time, which will take us back to the time we used to in Aulla spin, starting with things from the past that will become dope for stories. Under One Track, curated by illustrator Chiara Manara, will invite children for the occasion to participate in a joint and performative work: using finger colors, they will draw a series of leaves through their fingerprints of white paper, some rectangular and others in the form of leaves, plants, flowers and animals. The final performance will give a sense of a shared experience. On Friday, September 9, it will be devoted to reading with “Traces of Words”, the meeting organized by volunteer readers of the Civic Library “CV Lodovici” in Carrara, and Science with “Water Minimum Laboratory”, taken from the book by Mario Lodi, Aldo Pallotti, Gioacchino Maviglia and edited by Andrea Vico. Water is essential to life, and it is a common and basic element of all living things: observe it, touch it, press it, basically experience it… just as real scientists do.

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Saturday 10 September, I Drop You, curated by Enrica Pizzicuri and Giulia Vitaloni, will once again bring children to play with their creativity: they will have the opportunity to explore the properties of clay through gestures and actions, and to experiment with craft techniques in a creative way. Instead, Up There in the Universe, curated by Andrea Valenti, will provide the opportunity to observe and explore space: where we have always imagined future explorations and traces of alien life that have always kept us with our noses up, giving us endless mysteries to solve. Sunday, September 11, Heavenly Pattern Lab “Impressions of Light” by Florian Beauyou: The cyanotype technique, dating back to 1842, uses sunlight and iron salts to create photographic prints featuring a special Prussian blue, children are presented in a light and playful way of photographic technique photographic. The search for the oldest antiquities enters the scene with “archaeologists for a day”, sponsored by Artemisia Cultural Services, thanks to which participants will discover the work of the archaeologist and search for objects from the past through excavation activity.

At Palco della Musica, two events dedicated to children, Friday 9 September, “Wild Videomaker”, sponsored by Andrea Fico, who will talk about a fictional group of four boys, born on the occasion of an environmentally themed video competition, which will take them to photograph turtles laying their eggs. An exciting excursion, thanks to which it will be possible to experience first-hand how fragile the scales of such natural habitats are as that of the Mediterranean; We will find out how scientists interpret the signals nature sends us and how they care about protecting it. Saturday, September 10, “Cyberbulli knocked down” sponsored by Teo Benedetti, to raise awareness of the potential and dangers of new technologies. The world of the Internet is interesting and rich: social networks, messaging systems, online games and forums allow you to have fun, discover new things and keep in touch with friends. Like any environment, the web has its own rules and risks, and knowing them is the starting point for using them to the fullest and taking full advantage of their opportunities.

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