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Spaceships and space heroes of the new art concept

Spaceships and space heroes of the new art concept

The story of the human typhoon, considered by many a cult of Japanese animation thanks to the 1995 teleportation, is about to return in a new look sponsored by animation studio Orange. Trigun: Stampede It was one of the most incredible surprises of 2022, and the staff continues to update fans with new illustrations.

Directed by Kenji Muto The new anime will arrive in 2023and in the West it will be distributed by Crunchyroll, a platform that is now a giant in the sector. Since the announcement, there have been many considerations and opinions from the personalities involved in the project, including Yasuhiro Naitothe author of the manga, and since the end of July, the official account of the anime began to share the concept of art signed by Character designer Koji Tajima.

After the first two focus on the young man Fash and knives, the third is dedicated to very small fash To look at the city from afar, The fourth illustration takes fans into space. In fact, as you can see in the post reported below, a fleet of spaceships is represented, characterized by an original design and meticulous attention to detail. Let us know your opinion in the comments.

In conclusion, we remember that in order to achieve the anime Studio Orange was inspired by the movie Dinsey.

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