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If you missed the shooting stars of San Lorenzo, don’t worry: this is the infallible way to observe them again

If you missed the shooting stars of San Lorenzo, don’t worry: this is the infallible way to observe them again

It’s the most magical summer night, but not everyone can be there. If you miss San Lorenzo’s towering stars, we suggest the best way to see them anyway

How beautiful it is to look up at the sky during a summer’s night and notice the marvel that this amazing deep blue roof offers us? It’s a show that can often be seen during the summer season, but at San Lorenzo Night it makes for a real unmissable event. It is the night of the falling stars, which has always been one of the most coveted natural attractions by humans.

But unfortunately, it’s not always possible to be there and that doesn’t mean you have to throw in the towel. Indeed, in this article, we want to suggest you The best way to see them again. You just need a few tricks.

Here’s the best way to see shooting stars

The night of San Lorenzo has always been seen as a spectacle presented to us by “spatial” nature on a regular and periodic basis every year. But sometimes due to weather conditions, work, personal obligations, or simple forgetfulness, you can’t watch that great weather. But don’t worry, because There is not only the night of August 12th A useful way to monitor them is also on other special occasions.

Some methods can be very useful –

To offer valuable advice is Pasquale D’Anna, an astrologer, Interview by editors He did some really cool tricks. In fact, the CEO of Passione Astronomia reassured all those who couldn’t watch the shooting stars on the San Lorenzo night. Obviously, when we talk about August shooting stars, we’re often referring to the famous Perseids, fragments of meteorites that periodically pass over our sky.

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These are visible through most of August And according to Pasquale D’Anna, the best way is to go to a place where there is little light pollution. Furthermore, reveal it on Microphones The gaze should be turned to the northeast and the best time is from 10 pm.

To better orient yourself, D’Anna continues, it is advisable to observe the constellation Perseus, perhaps with the help of a classic compass or a more modern smartphone. Moreover, the astronomical observer noted that August is not the only month in which shooting stars are observed. These, in fact, can pass over our heads throughout the year. Therefore, when you want to watch the spectacle of the sky, it is enough to go to a dark place that is relatively far from the houses, using a smartphone and observing the sky.