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Do you know other fitness from Avanti? Today he is doing something you never imagined!

Fitness is another Avanti hero. But do you know what function he does in life? Unimaginable!

Physique is one of the most famous representatives of the other Avanti. The program, which deals mainly with entertainment, is entrusted with the management of Magistral Paolo Bonolis. The latter, as a true television expert, decided to join him with funny shoulders – beyond Luca Llorente. Among these there is also fitness. Boy, other than the role he plays on the top broadcast of the Mediaset schedule, he’s also doing work you’d never imagine like this.

Over the years, many of the characters belonging to the Paolo Bonolis show have fueled themselves on the latter’s fame, thus becoming known for their role. Then there are those rare cases of Avanti and others who preferred not to completely immerse themselves in the world of entertainment when in fact they were already a part of it. Staying more on the sidelines, they’d probably be happier with the life they lead regardless of Mediaset. Even for fitness it should be the same… but why? what’s your job?

Fitness struggles with work no one expected

Being on TV every day gives you a clear view even if you don’t want to. There are many other Avanti members who have tried to stay in the shadows. While some of them succeeded – little is known about them in terms of private life and work, others, on the other hand, despite their desire to go unnoticed, were “victims” of their own image. In the case of fitness, this handsome man could not fail to be noticed and searched for in all possible and imaginable social channels. So, after finding his name on Instagram, it was very easy to keep track of a bit of a biography. This is what we discovered.

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Although the physique isn’t particularly active on Instagram, we managed to catch something. First of all, it is clear that he lives his life in the capital. Secondly, his muscles are well justified by the work that he does. In fact, he owns his own gym in Rome, so he probably trains every day or almost every day to get the physical prowess we know so well. Do you also want to know his name? Well, we satisfy you. His name is Mateo Bracani. We won’t tell you the nickname used in Instagram but we are sure you will go and find it. What to say if not…Enjoy!

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