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Citizenship income, from February 1 those who do not have a green card lose support

Citizenship income, from February 1 those who do not have a green card lose support

It’s a vice that keeps hardening the man against the No vax. Not only for workers who already had to file a green card months ago, also now the unemployed who receive citizenship income will have to adjust. To enter a bank or post office from February 1, a certificate must be presented. But not only that, even job centers will be a no-go area for those who have not been vaccinated or at least quarantined. This was established by the last budget law which, in the review of citizenship income, made it mandatory to come to employment centers with the immediate cessation of support in the opposite case.

100 thousand times at risk – When analyzing the data on vaccinations, it is conceivable that those with citizenship income without the super green corridor at that time, because they were not vaccinated or cured by Covid, are less than 10%. Therefore, its audience is about 100 thousand beneficiaries. Currently, support reaches about 1.3 million households (three million people), 30% of which are considered employable and are therefore subject to the obligation to attend employment centers in their presence.

Dpcm is coming for green traffic exceptions In the meantime, it is reported that the certificate will be used. In Dpcm, which is still in development, there should be exceptions to the obligation to offer and especially to access certain services and commercial activities. It will no longer be necessary to show the document when you go to the supermarket or when you go to the pharmacy, hospital or GP’s office.

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And again: The pass will no longer be required when filing a complaint if you are the victim of a crime or have an urgent need to protect minors. Food needs (but not in administrative activities, such as bars) and health needs, as well as justice and public safety needs, must therefore be allowed without (basic or enhanced) certification.