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Chip, the United States and the European Union plan to resolve the crisis

The European Union aims to create an alliance between manufacturers to gain sovereignty over chip production. Washington wants to invest $ 52 billion in 10 new plants

(Photo: Anton Novodeshkin Toss via Getty Images)

Europe and the United States Run to cover in the midst of a global crisis Chip. Government funding, on the other hand, of the Atlantic $ 52 billion Could generate $ 150 billion in investment in chip production and research, including state, federal and private contributions. Seven to ten new production sites. This is Commerce Secretary Gina Raimonto’s assessment of a plan that seeks to stimulate competition between 50 states. Infrastructure project Two trillion launched by President Joe Biden.

The United States has been hit hard by the semiconductor crisis Stop production At the General Motors, Ford, Toyota and Stellandis factories. Department of Automotive It has launched a campaign against the White House and financial backers have provided 37% of semiconductors across the country in 1990, now only 12%. The plan includes $ 39 billion Incentives in production, research and development And 10.5 to develop a National Semiconductor Technology Center, National Advanced Packaging Project and other initiatives. Personally, they are already in the United States Four new factories On the horizon, three in Arizona (DSMC and one for $ 20 billion from Intel) and one in Texas (Samsung),

Me too ‘Europe It wants to reclaim land that lost 44% of global production in 1990 to 10% today. Together I want to double A 20% plan for the public interest can be launched in 2030, allowing member states to finance the sector by relaxing the rules regarding state aid as a complement or alternative to the establishment. A foreign plant On the continent. The Commissioner of Domestic Markets, Theory Breton, is developing the first hypothesis that he can integrate In alliance Manufacturers prefer StMicroelectronics, Nxp, Infineon and Asml.

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At the end of the recent meeting, Bretton noted that Europe should expand its capabilities Make medium-sized chips Before doubling the production volume Very advanced 2 nanometer chips By 2030. Funding for the project may come from a variety of projects, of which 20% are planned for digital transformation Redemption Fund. “We can trust that we will move quickly, not for many months Years “, Says Breton, even with its goal Impress one of the three biggest chipmakers in the world (DSMC, Samsung or Intel) to build a sophisticated plant in Europe.

However, by the end of April Taiwanese Economy Minister Wang Mu-Hua, Underestimated the opportunities for local technology companies to develop advanced technology from the island. A few weeks later, on the other hand, President Tsai Ing-wen insisted Resumption of dialogue for bilateral investment agreement With the European Union (BIA), it has been suspended since 2015 and added to it “Taiwan will continue to engage with the European Union and other democratic partners Establish more flexible distribution Of essentials such as semiconductors and medical supplies “. But another game is being played at the table, a potential deal in terms of investments would be complicated at the union’s political level, he observes Reuters: Member States and Union have no formal diplomatic relations with Taipei “Objections” In China, the island is considered one of its provinces.

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