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Block only for companies that use normal chic

Block only for companies that use normal chic

In the extension Volume The gods Dismissals Directly interferes Mario Draghi. He puts on the table a compromise between the posts and positions of Minister Andrea Orlando Confindustria. The ban will be in place, but only for those who use normal layoffs from July 1st. In return, companies will receive that they do not have to pay extra on the chic until the end of the year. Not only that. Confindustria also promises to intervene in the reform of social security nets in the short term.

Labor Minister Andrea Orlando is quiet. He left the Democratic Party directly to defend the position, to those asking for formal dismissals from July 1, after he approved in the Council of Ministers extension of the ban on firing on companies using Govt emergency funds until August 28. He moved like a man. DEM Secretary Enrico Letta set up a wall for the minister’s security via Twitter. To the “important question about dismissal volume and chic” he wrote, “I read the superficial and extraordinary reviews of Minister Andrea Orlando working on a subtle issue for millions of Italians, with all our support and appreciation.”

Deputy Secretary-General Pepe Provencano stressed that no one could say they had not been notified of the law, so Mario Draghi spoke about it at a press conference after the Cabinet meeting. But the truth is that Orlando has attacked that identity with a barrage of Confederate accusations that Orlando himself betrayed a deal approved by Tracy in the layoffs. Viol del Astronomia now firmly believes he has tied his hands to Orlando. In short, the era of the Blitz is over.

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Throughout yesterday, rumors were circulating that the block might be extended from the support order. The issue was approved last Thursday. Yesterday this text was not stamped by the State Public Accounts Office and was not sent to the Highlands for the signature of the Head of State. The technicians worked all day looking for a “compromise” for everyone to declare themselves winners. The Democrats did so, arguing that Orlando’s approach was maintained.

The Birth Solution offers that the layoffs freeze will only be available to companies applying for normal layoffs from July 1 next until the end of August. The justification is that companies will be exempted from paying the additional 9, 12 or 15% depending on the case, depending on the outline of the standards included in the Support Order. Tool. In short, there will be an exchange between state contributions to the redundancy fund against the ban on dismissal. Instead, other provisions of the Orlando Act will be repealed, extending the ban on redundancies, to those seeking Govt emergency funding by the end of June from the date the ordinance goes into effect. Therefore, for those who use Covid funds, we return to the provisions of the First Support Order approved by Parliament.

It offers a dual exit from the redundancy module and the free Govt-19 cash register: 30 June for production and construction, October 31 for all others, basically tertiary and small businesses, which fall within the scope of the defamation Chic and FIS (Wage Consolidation Fund). The compromise did not fully satisfy the Confederacy, however, as noted, it serves two other purposes: the pledge to reform the social security nets immediately and the close oversight of the Prime Minister of Orlando. Those involved in the attack are unions. CGIL, CISL and UIL define the status of Confindustria as “dangerous” and “insist on refusing to prevent layoffs”.

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