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It is the first of its kind in Italy

It is the first of its kind in Italy

Safety, training, regulation and union representation for riders. Tuscany digital platform opens workers’ rights, Italy’s first law was approved by a majority in today’s session by the regional council, with a vote of the Leca group.

The first signer of the speech proposed by Prime Minister Antonio Massio included the signature of Diego Petrucci (Brothers of Italy), the law provides for the creation of a technical risk assessment document, which is approved by the Council with a specific resolution, as the basis for setting the necessary security forms. This includes mandatory training by the employer, with a special focus on the highway code and the means of transportation used. Companies must take into account safety equipment, clothing suitable for performing services, night shifts and adverse weather.

The company of a labor protection representative must also be promoted, regardless of the type of contract signed. Monitoring and control will be carried out by workplace prevention (PISL) prevention, health and safety services and local healthcare organizations for preventive purposes.

“I’m happy and excited. This has not been a decision. Ever since I was chairman of the Regional Council, I have always had the goal of giving a voice to the underprivileged. Today a delivery boy or a ride is seen as a means, but in reality he is like a person, a worker, every worker We need to give him more rights, such as basic and health and safety that are not in the field today, ”Massio commented shortly after the approval.” I am proud – I have included Massio – because the first part of Italy to approve this type of law is Tuscany, which can be exported to all other regions. ” , People and these young people who come with us into our lives to provide more control, more security and security for these young people. Here, today the Regional Council has done what it needs to do: to grant rights to those who do not have rights “.

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Law, card for riders

1. The Regional Council approves a Risk Analysis and Assessment Plan with a resolution that must be developed with prevention, hygiene and safety in the workplace (FISL) services of local health sector organizations (Usl) to support guidelines for implementation. Prevention and protection in the workplace under the departments of regional and local health authorities is related to the peculiarities that emerge in the context of the digital economy of workers organized by digital sites, which leads to the preparation of a technical document Regional reference, technical document for assessing the risks of workers organized by digital sites, no longer referred to as technical documentation.

2. Participation with social, trade union and employer partners The project mentioned in paragraph 1, which is structured as a regional model, aims to provide oversight activities of PISLL services in the context of the regional area. To constantly monitor workers for compliance with safety regulations regarding the use of technical documentation.

3. The technical document on risk analysis and planning of law enforcement activities, in particular, takes into account the following objectives as per Legislative Order 81/2008: Specific actions to be taken by workers organized by digital platforms, i.e., to assess traditional occupational risks, as well as specific ones, regardless of the type of employment relationship Intrinsic work stress with delivery times, assignment of changes, distribution of jobs and places where activity is carried out; Defining risk mitigation methods and identifying the most appropriate personal protective equipment to perform the operation; Define and propose detailed contents of specific and compulsory training for companies referred to in Section 37 of Assembly Ordinance 81/2008, in accordance with the agreements referred to in the same article as the traffic code used for the performance of highway code and vehicle work, the rules to be followed by workers and the greater safety of the community Prevent; Providing companies with technical clothing suitable for work performance, providing safety equipment for night shifts and adverse weather conditions; Promoting the organization of organized labor protection representative through digital platforms regardless of the type of employment contract signed; Define procedures for the supervision of local health officials’ pistol services.

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PISL Services of USL companies prepare specific control measures in accordance with safety regulations in the use of technical documentation, and also carry out a preventive and monitoring measure to identify security requirements or practices that avoid hazardous practices, and to correct or eliminate them.

As Enrico Sostechni (PD) describes it in the classroom, the bill “dictates precise arrangements for companies, and this creation is fully compliant with regional capabilities, thanks to the valuable work of the regulatory body carried out by the legislature and the regional council and administrative offices”. Former Legislature Order 81 of 2008 mandates guidelines on safety and security in the workplace and court rulings that integrate digital platform workers into subordinate workers. “Recognition of rights – Complete Sostechni – is a small step, but it is an important step when it affects the quality of work, especially at a point like this, where we often talk about accidents at work.”

Andrea Ulmi (Leica) acknowledged that the Healthcare Commission had done a very favorable job of reaching the final text of the Act, “but this is an incredible text – he explained – because the key regulatory reference is only for obedient workers”. According to Ulmi, we wanted to be more realistic than the king, and we run the risk of coating flexibility, which is the basis of this type of work. ” For this he announced the voting of his committee.

Positive voting, on the other hand, was announced by Francesco Dorcelli, the parent company of Fredelli di Italia: he said: “By doing so, Tuscany is taking a step forward to increase workplace safety in a sector that is self-organizing. This is often a source of many risks for workers.” One step at a time, we are talking about the safety and well-being of human beings. “Dorcelli wanted to thank his colleague Diego Petrucci for signing the bill as” a turning point in civilization in favor of young workers without any protection. “

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