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Superbonus 110% e unifamiliari: nuove richieste da Deloitte

Superbonus 110% and single family: new demands from Deloitte

After request for video certificate for allocation of credit, consequently
Resistance from the professional world
And this
Answer by notification on platform
A new request comes from Deloitte for Superbonus 110% procedures related to real estate units.

Superbonus 110%: Deadline for single-family homes

As everyone knows, tomorrow September 30, 2022 is the last day to fulfill 30% of the total intervention, which is required to extend the deadline and deduct the superbonus expenses incurred by December 31, 2022.

Just a deadline A Monitoring Commission was established in the High Council of Public Works It now provides more and more information not just about earthquakes, but about the entire universe of 110% tax deductions.

As the commission states, the completion of 30% of the overall intervention must be certified by the construction manager with an affidavit, to which all supporting documents must be attached, sent to the client and the companies concerned.

Superbonus 110% and single family: Deloitte’s request

A new request from Deloitte comes from Deloitte for taxpayers who want to sell their foreclosures as it waits to update its site for single-family homes (allowing access only to single-family homes that are able to reach 30% of the schedule). Credit of interventions in single-family homes.

As mentioned in a new announcement on the platform (which must be accepted if you want to move forward), the immediate deadline for completing 30% of the work is September 30, with the following documents updated with the introduction of the required document checklists:

  1. Self-declaration by the Construction Manager that 30% (both normal bonus and super bonus) of the total works of intervention have been completed by 30 September 2022:
  2. PEC Receipt of Director’s self-declaration by 30 September 2022 of completion of 30% (Normal and Superbonus Bonus) of the overall work of the intervention to the client and contractor company or companies. PEC will not be sent to Deloitte.
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Deloitte reminds that the above documents are necessary to allow the regulatory extension till 31st December 2022 of the deadline for use of super bonus for real estate segments.

Finally, Deloitte confirms (confirming how important the role of tax authorities has become) that these checklists may undergo further changes during explanatory updates by the Revenue Agency.

The strange thing is that according to the indications from the official bodies, the communication of self-notification can be sent even in the days after 30/09, while the receipt of PEC sent by Deloitte must be given on 30/09.

Article updated on 09/29/2022 at 4.50 pm