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Chilling video, red flag on the track: drivers in panic

Chilling video, red flag on the track: drivers in panic

Today we will show you some exciting pictures Which relates to one of the most beautiful races in the world. Here's what could happen down the track in certain situations.

Try to imagine the following: a real conquest of the track, which takes place every year, or almost every year, on the course of one of the most beautiful races on the planet. We are talking about Bahtrust 12 Hours in AustraliaWhich is held on the Mount Panorama track. We're talking about an amazing facility, which in exactly one week from the time of writing will host the 2024 12 Hours race, with several high-level drivers on the start.

This situation could have become tragic (Canva) –

among them, We can't help but point out the presence of Valentino RossiHe will manage it for the second year in a row. Once again, he will be driving the No. 46 WRT-run BMW M4 GT3, alongside his trusted companion, Maxime Martin, and Munich newcomer, Raffaele Marcelo, who has won it all with Mercedes. He decided to change his shirt,

Marcelo and Martin are a sure thing in the world of GT, while Valentino Rossi is growing significantly and is very comfortable in this BMW. for these reasons, The crew in question is among the top candidates, even if the underdogs of Bathrust always leave time to find, since the unexpected here is always just around the corner. We will now show you some pictures that will help you understand why this path is so feared.

Bathurst, these are pictures of kangaroos on the track

The Mount Panorama Trail is located in Bathurst, New South Wales, an area of ​​Australia where flora and fauna are extremely wild. And for this reason, There is a risk of kangaroos entering the track at any timeAnd here we have proof of that. In the video posted on the channel YouTube “Speed ​​Cafe TV.”“, We can see a series of accidents that have occurred over the past few years in this race, but above all, a group of drivers had to slow down due to two kangaroos blocking the lane. As you will notice, the direction of the race immediately showed a red flag, Fortunately, no one was injured in this strange encounter: neither the pilots nor the invading animals!

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Kangaroo on track, big fear (YouTube) –

Of course, in Bathrust you need to have a thousand eyes, because in addition to the close and very dangerous walls, an animal can appear at every turn, especially a kangaroo. For this reason, the Batroost are considered one of the most complex races on the planet. Also because we start at dawn, when it's still dark, so the entire race takes place during the daywith variations in light, conditions, temperatures, and everything in between.

There are many variables, and the reliability of the cars also plays an essential role. The race is often held in terrible temperatures, as we are now at the height of summer in Australia, so even the grip of a car's tires is not always certain. We have no doubt that he will be there I listenOn an exceptional track and with a group of high-level drivers. Hopefully no kangaroos will cross the path.