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Tell me why it's free on Xbox and Windows Store, and maybe for Pride Month -

Tell me why it’s free on Xbox and Windows Store, and maybe for Pride Month –

Tell me whyThe Narrative Adventure of Dontnod (now Don’t Nod), Available Free on Xbox Store and Windows Storemaybe to celebrate Pride month In June, although there has been no official communication on the matter.

In this case, it would be a repeat of the same initiative that took place last year in the same period, which featured Tell Me Why back in June.

Currently, the game seems to be completely free to play, that is, with the possibility to get all three chapters of the game for free.

Looking at the contents of the story, Tell Me Why is one of the most important games, on the front of video games, for Celebrating Pride MonthTherefore, such an initiative is not surprising. In case you haven’t used it last year, we recommend you head over to the official Tell Me Why page at Xbox Store and download, also available on the Windows Store.

Following the typical style of Don’t Nod’s narrative adventures, even then, it’s a matter of following one Date Very well-constructed, and engaged through important choices to continue the narrative. The protagonists are twins Tyler and Alison, who find themselves investigating the family’s dramatic secrets, and return to their hometown of Alaska.

Tyler is a transgender character and its construction was carried out in collaboration with people close to his situation and experts from specialist centers such as GLAAD, with the aim of recreating a deeper, more realistic and attractive image of the character. You can learn more about the game in the Tell Me Why review.

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