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Android smartphone, finally the long-awaited turning point: no more gigabyte problems

Android smartphone, finally the long-awaited turning point: no more gigabyte problems

The turning point that many Android smartphone owners have been waiting for: this is how the Korean company aims to solve space management problems.

One of the most famous critical issues Android system for every smartphone It's about storage. Android does not allow the user maximum flexibility in memory usage and imposes strict restrictions regarding the management of applications to be removed or reinstalled. for this reason Out-of-space problem On the phone is one of the most popular for Android owners.

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Samsung has been working on a solution for years. Users can, for example, entrust data to the cloud or arm themselves with SD cards for additional storage space. But in both cases, Android systems do not leave the user much freedom of movement: Many applications cannot be transferred.

The company introduced an important innovation last year. There was talk of one A historic turning point for storage management in Android smartphones. Samsung has actually introduced the new function called Automatic archivingwhich should theoretically have allowed you to free up space without having to completely uninstall one or more apps.

Usually, a user whose phone memory is now full will try to delete all the applications that he uses less often. However, by doing so, all previously selected data is deleted forever. If you change your mind, that is, if you want to reinstall the deleted application, it will become so It is impossible to recover all lost data.

However, thanks to the auto-archive function, Samsung has made it possible to not lose user data when necessary Free up memory to install a new application From Google Play. In short, the Android development team aims to support users to reduce “Unnecessary uninstallations“.

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The breakthrough in space-saving functions on Android smartphones: what's happening?

These are uninstallations that are created for the pure purpose of lFree up space on your deviceTo install new applications. To reduce these unnecessary uninstallations, a new automatic archiving function has been developed. The problem is that the function has not yet produced the desired effects.

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The archiving suggested by Samsung is automatic. It allows you to save space by automatically archiving rarely used applications if you run out of memory space, but it does not give the user the ability to do this Choose which applications to run on.

Additionally, the feature is limited to apps installed from the Play Store. And here, precisely, comes the turning point for all new Android smartphones. With the new models it will really be possible to tell Say goodbye to running out of space forever. In fact, there is the possibility of activating the function at the user's discretion and on any application on the device.