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Canon Ray, October 31 must be set: here’s what happens


The talk of Rai fees continues. Save the date October 31, because something will happen that affects everyone

In recent months, there has only been talk of Ray Cannon. It is a tax that all citizens residing in Italy who have at least one television set connected to the antenna must be subject to. If everything was included in the electricity bill until last year, it may not be the case this year, due to the assumptions of the European Union, which considers the two taxes not to be cumulative.

Rai fees, what will happen on October 31?

Trying to figure out how to move forward. On the one hand there is the faction that would like to choose to return to the RAI licensing fee as a separate tax and on the other hand there are those who fear too much tax evasion and are looking for viable alternatives. Meanwhile, there are still updates on the dates that need to be marked on the calendar. The next date is scheduled for October 31. Here’s what will happen and why you should be careful.

Canon Ray, here’s what’s happening on October 31st

October 31 next It’s a date to mark on the calendar when it comes to Rai license fees. In fact, something will happen that will affect all citizens residing in Italy who have a TV set connected to the antenna, and who will therefore have to pay the contribution to the government coffers.

Canon Ray, details of what will happen on October 31st
Mark October 31st as the next date on your calendar –

Specifically, at the end of October Pay the third quarterly installment of fees, It equals 23.93 euros. We remind you that it is possible to pay the TV subscription renewal fee in one annual solution by January 31st, in two semi-annual installments, on January 31st and July 31st, or in four quarterly installments on January 31st, April 30th, July 31st and precisely on October 31st.

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Payment must be made Through the F24 form With thematic modalities using the Revenue Agency’s F24 Web or F24 Online Services. But also with Fisconline or Entratel telematics channels or using home banking services. For those who do not have a VAT number, there is also the possibility of paying the paper F24 form to Italian banks, post offices and collection agents, but without using the credits in compensation and using TVRI tax codes or TVNA tax code.

Pending an understanding of what will happen to the Rai fees from next year, we remind you that there is a possibility of demand Exemption from paying taxOr, however, it concerns only some specific categories of citizens, which is why you must first inform yourself and understand how to submit this application.


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