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Yogurt Bowl: If you are out of ideas for a summer snack, here are the best ones |  Perfect for keeping fit

Yogurt Bowl: If you are out of ideas for a summer snack, here are the best ones | Perfect for keeping fit

Snack with yoghurt and banana bowl – (Canva image)

VERY QUICK TO MAKE BUT DELICIOUS AND NOURISHING: After trying it it will be hard to go back to the same old snacks

for one Fresh and nutritious snackBut also for one person The perfect breakfast For the hot season, combining yogurt with fruit is an excellent idea. Healthy and economical And at the same time a lot tastingNot to mention, it turns up in seconds.

The Greeks and the tourists who frequent it in the summer know this all too well: the menu in taverns and bars always features Yogurt with fruit And honey.

We can draw inspiration from thisSimple idea To prepare a delicious summer breakfast or Snack Which will undoubtedly fill us up.

The basis of preparation is actually Greek yogurtcharacterized by a High in protein Hence with height satiating power: We’re talking about double the protein — or even more — than traditional yogurt. At the same time it contains Greek yogurt Less sugar, less lactose, less sodium Compared to the traditional, while it contains obesity. It’s a thicker consistency than traditional yogurt and it’s also thicker more digestible. Greek yogurt is also a great source of soccerl iodine Based on Vitamin B12.

Greek yogurt and fruits

Greek yogurt goes well with various fruits, even dried ones, such as walnuts, which are a favorite in Greece. Fresh fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, peaches, and kiwi, for example, will go great with Greek yogurt.

If we want one a more fundamental solutionwe choose instead bananaIt is also very suitable for preparing breakfast or An energy snack With greek yogurt. Both bananas and Greek yogurt are good sources potassium Hence, its consumption is ideal during the summer.

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Yogurt bowl with bananas, chocolate chips and seeds – (Canva image)

Yogurt bowl with banana, chocolate and seeds

Let’s prepare one of the possible infinite forms of Yogurt bowl – meaning “yoghurt bowl” – using 200 grams of Greek yogurt, 1 banana, and 20 grams of yogurt Dark chocolate with 85% cocoa and spoon seeds Mixed earth, or the seeds we prefer.

All we have to do is peel the banana and cut it into slices, pour the greek yogurt in a bowl and add the banana slices, crushed mixed seeds and dark chocolate.