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Canada defeats the United States and wins bronze!  Brooks and Gilgeous-Alexander are starters

Canada defeats the United States and wins bronze! Brooks and Gilgeous-Alexander are starters

Canada defeats the United States to take third place in the 2023 FIBA ​​World Cup. At Manila Mall of Asia Arena (Philippines), Jordi Fernandez’s men stayed in front throughout the game, pulling off a stunning comeback in the final quarter (with a hat-trick from Bridges to eventually equalize). But they then proved to be a great team and with a brilliant overtime win with a final score of 127-118. For the North American team it is He won the first World Championship bronze in his history.

The 39 points of infinity are fundamental to Canada today dillon brooks, 31 and 12 incredible assists Shai Gilgeous-Alexander And 23 of R. J. Barrett. to the United States, Privi Di Paolo Banchero, Jarren Jackson Jr. brandon ingram, 24 hours is not enough anthony edwards, I am 23 inches Austin Reeves And 19 of Michael Bridges.

Canada starts strong At Manila Mall of Asia Arena (Philippines) He leads 8-0 on a Brooks-Dort double. After almost two minutes of play, the USA scores the first basket with Austin Reeves, but then the opponents continue To maintain a very high attack tempo and even reach +13 (21-34) One minute before the end of the first quarter. The Stars and Stripes team disagrees and reacts, The score was completely reversed between the end of the first half and the beginning of the second Thanks above all to the contribution of Portis Jr. and Reeves (40-36). The fourth keeps going back and forth and eventually gets the upper hand It was Canada, who, thanks to two hat-tricks from Brooks, were able to outpace their opponents before halftime (56-58).

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After the break, Fernandes’ side returned to the field with more determination and extended their lead Brooks and Gilgeous-Alexander (58-65). The United States does not want to give too much space They were able to get back to -1 through Bridges-Edwards pair plays (73-74), but then Canada changed the pace again and was able to close the third quarter at +9 (82-91). At this point the United States needs to react, and this amounts to the beginning of the fourth period. When Haliburton decided to bat alone and brought his teammates back to par with two triples (94-94). The match continues point by point until 107-107, then a basket from Gilgeous-Alexander and two free throws from Brooks give Canada +4 with 20 inches left (107-111).

It seems like it’s all over, but incredibly it’s not, because with 4 inches to go, Bridges gets two free throws: The USA No. 5 scored the first goal, intentionally missed the second and grabbed the rebound, before scoring the hat-trick to seal the thrilling equalizer with 6-tenths of a second remaining. With little time to spare, Canada was able to pull off a final attack, but Olynyk missed the long-range shot and it went to overtime. This is where the North American team definitely starts off better, First moved to 118-112 on a stunning goal by Gilgeous-Alexander and then to 120-114 on a basket from Brooks with 2’29” left. With their backs against the wall, Steve Kerr’s group tries to make a last-minute comeback. But this time the comeback failed, and in the end it was Canada that celebrated its historic bronze win.

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Match result

USA – Canada 118-127 D1T (25-34, 31-24, 29-20, 4-13)

United State: Haliburton 6, Bridges 19, Johnson 3, Ingram, Banchero, and Portis Jr. 14, Edwards 24, Brunson 13, Hart 10; And, Kessler 6, Yerevz 23

Canada: Dort 11, Alexander-Walker 5, Gilgeous-Alexander 31, Ejem 3, Powell 4, Barrett 23, Alexander Ney, Olynyk 11, Eddy, Scrope, Brooks 39, Bill-Haynes Ney.

Photo: FIBA