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Rocky, who are the referees?

Rocky, who are the referees?

L ‘Atalanta Counts eight referee errors in the last four matches between the league and Italian Cupculminating in Florence Cantonata resulting from the conjugation homework is empty Like urging a company that never raises its voice to protest its position with an icy image. there Rome He expands the scope to the last 10 races, is haunted by the errors of referees and it is understandable why Mourinho says: “My team is small in the eyes of strength”. He has good reason, no matter what phone gesture it will cost him disqualification, but Pareto With his bad management he cut the race with Verona Reducing the playing time in the second half to 26 minutes and not giving the payback that should have been granted.

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Fiorentina – Atalanta, Gasperini is angry: the referee sends him off

Toro is still burning the wound he inflicted by canceling the goal Belotti against the VeniceYesterday, a photo from the network was not validated a Malinovsky. Furthermore, by default, there are at least ten referee supervisions that have affected the final result of the largest number of grenade matches. Here we mention three of the many teams that were punished for poor arbitration and by a fugitive who does what he likes, and to whom the difference in judgment agrees. Question for the featured Rocky: But which referees do you send on the pitch and in front of the screens of the Lissoni High-Tech Center? The championship fight is exciting and the same goes for entering Europe and redemption: Rocky, when are we going to stop spoiling her?

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