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“But what a misunderstanding.”  Elinor Casalegno criticizes Chiara Ferragni

“But what a misunderstanding.” Elinor Casalegno criticizes Chiara Ferragni

Keep the discussion going Pandoro GateThis is an issue that has drawn severe criticism recently and includes: Chiara Ferragni. The digital entrepreneur never returned to this matter, and limited herself only to posting an apology video before trying to resume her usual life, consisting of commitments and social media. However, through a memo issued directly by her company, she announced that she was willing to explain her version of events only to officials. In recent weeks, many have expressed their opinion on this matter, and now too Elena Casalegno He wanted to have his say. The broadcaster did not delve into the merits of the legal matter, except in a long interview he grantedAdnKronos He wanted to express his thoughts without too many phrases.

Ideas by Eleanor Casalegno

“But what a communication error.”. These were the first words that Casalinho reserved for the Pandoro case, commenting on the apology video that the Cremonese influencer posted on social media immediately after the news spread, causing a sensation.“When you sign a contract with a company, you know what you are paid, and you also know that the company donated of its own free will, six months ago, 50,000 euros to Regina Margherita. So What would be the communication error?Elinor continued.

“If there's a company producing, obviously if you show your image to that company and get paid beyond the charity, you're also working. If Ferragni runs an ad campaign, she's free to ask for what she wants and if there's a company paying her, so be it. But here There is ambiguity Because if you then make stories or posts on social media where you invite people to buy this pandoro to participate in a charity project, the question will become ambiguous.”, he added. Finally, the stab: “With your admission, you said that you are a businessman and a businessman who knows how to move; She's not a novice girl. We Italians have a poor memory, we are people who forget easily, for better or worse, but when it comes to charity and children, we are very strict and unforgiving judges. “In my opinion, in the apology video, Chiara should have been the same. She made a mistake there too. Maybe it would have been better if she had written an apology letter, it would have been more effective.”.

Broadcaster's criticism

As expected, Elinor did not want to delve into the topic of legal proceedings, but she could not help but express her opinion regarding Chiara Ferragni's behavior: “I don't know how it will end, it certainly can't disappear, His whole life is on social media. “He was right to remain silent, now we have to see how he can rebuild his image but in my opinion he will come out of it.”. And again, as if he wanted to take another look at the influencer, he said in a thundering voice: “You may make mistakes in life, the important thing is that repentance be sincere. Mistakes are not paid with money.

Regarding the angry media attention given to the 36-year-old player, Casalinho explained: “This is true but we must remember that she lived an angry way on social media, so it is normal for people to talk about her, for better or for worse.”. And again, there is also room for Ferragni's choices that Elenoire does not share; In particular, overexposure to children Leon and Vitoria as well Show his wealth: “It's a matter of good taste, and showing off, at least the way I was brought up, is a symptom of impudence, and it's vulgar because you never know the position of who's in front of you or who's following you. I also don't approve of showing too much to children, I never showed my daughter, and some didn't.” He even knows I have a daughter.”. Then the bitter conclusion: “The world of the web is beautiful but full of pitfalls. For years the postal police have been asking you not to post photos and videos of minors. Anyone who works on the web knows very well the dangers out there. There are pedophiles and haters and what do you do? Instead of protecting your children, are you feeding them to these people?.