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Lulu Selassie Makes 'Scorched Earth' About Sully Sorge / 'Sophie Enough! Even Manila Gets It'

Lulu Selassie Makes ‘Scorched Earth’ About Sully Sorge / ‘Sophie Enough! Even Manila Gets It’

Lolo Selassie: “Sophie annoys me because you…”

And it’s still time for clashes inside the house as usual Big Brother VIP. Lulu Selassie He doesn’t want to bury the hatchet against him Soleil rise. A few hours ago while in the bathroom to remove make-up accompanied by Sophie Codegoni and Valeria Marini, Princess (forged?) Expressed heavy words towards the influencer: “Understandably wrong. He handled it for me *from Manila.” However, Lolo Selassie does not believe in the separation of the former Miss Italy from Soleil Sorge: “But there is no deaf worse than those who do not want to hear” – then he added. Valeria Marini Sophie Codegoni brought her into this conversation and the Italian-Ethiopian brought her out, especially with the former tronista of men and women: “Yes, I loved her, laugh at her, you together, you make a friend. And that’s it, I see you laughing that you are in her room and I feel bad, because she is someone who hates me and hates my sister.” “. In short, Lulu Selassiè wants to do a comprehensive survey around the Soleil Sorge.

Soon a new fight as on the occasion of “truffle”?

This is not the first time that Lulu Selassie expresses harsh words towards Soleil rise. Many will remember the “Tartufo” affair with the open clash of the contenders in big brother vip. “The truffle is gone, someone put it in his pockets. barrow Have you seen truffles? The truffle that got there is gone. In principle, these things are not good. If you’ve hidden something, do you know what’s going on here? – Lulu Selassie began, which provoked a stern reaction from Sole Sorge: “In principle, Lulu? You are the first to hide things in the room, but what are we talking about? Cake, fruit, you put it all in there. I’m really tired, nobody has right principles about these things.” It seems the two girls can’t stand each other and don’t miss the chance to get away from each other. When does a new quarrel over a petty relationship break out?

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