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Election: Renzi-Calendar, agreement, official announcement soon – Politics

The electoral agreement is limited Between Matteo Renzi, the head of the IV, and Carlo Calenda, the action. Soon, as per available information, an official announcement will be made.

We decided to give it a try. You can see this opportunity on the ballot on September 25: at least don’t settle for bad, send quality people to parliament. “This is what Matteo Renzi writes on Facebook about the Third Pole.

“I think it was to say when we were among ourselves, there is no Cottarelli, there is no calendar for the voters, but there is Cottarelli. A move against me? I think so. But I commented on it. Because Cottarelli is going to a coalition with half of the Democratic Party and the left of the Democratic Party, he I think he is making a grave mistake. M5S returns with the Democratic Party two minutes after the election What he has been telling the Italians for the past five years they have not shared anything. I’m happy to have Cottarelli in parliament because he’s a quality person “. Action leader Carlo Calenda said this to Rtl 102.5.” In your opinion, Italy manages something that goes from Berlusconi to Meloni. Salvini hates Meloni And do they have different international standing? They don’t rule it, we know that very well. If you believe in this third pole, what will happen is that we will try to prevent the victory of the left and the right based on concrete government proposals that follow the Draghi agenda, go to Palazzo Sigi and ask Draghi to stay. If Draghi does not want to stay, a personality must be found who can bring Italy out of the depths it has fallen into.

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last “Those were hectic days“And” I learned that in politics, unlike corporations, you’re not shut down until you’re shut down. We are watching. The important thing is to create an alternative to this situation, Calenda said of Renzi’s election and coalition agreement with Italia Viva.

Alliance within 24 hours Italy at the core, we are Italy, Courage Italy and UDCContesting with a single list of moderates should become a reality in the next national political elections. “This was confirmed by the president of the Liguria region and Italy Centro Giovanni Totti.

There was a fierce back-and-forth clash between yesterday and today Enrico Letta and Giorgia Meloni. The Pd secretary accuses the head of the FdI of “powdering himself” to “change his image”, and he replies: “You don’t need face powder, we’re still there”. Meanwhile, candidates are starting to emerge: Berlusconi wants to appear in the Senate again; Pd and + focus on Europe Cottarelli, while Si and Verdi focus on Ilaria stick.

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