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Burglary at Tamara Ecclestone's house, why gang leader goes unpunished (enjoys millions from theft in Serbia)

Burglary at Tamara Ecclestone's house, why gang leader goes unpunished (enjoys millions from theft in Serbia)

OffAndrea Galli

Daniel Vukovic, 46, staged a robbery at a London villa on December 13, 2019. Great Britain demanded his extradition, but he avoided it through a bureaucratic effort

Four years and a little more. December 13, 2019 A band of thieves, Born and educated in Milan, Tamara entered Ecclestone's London mansion. Daughter of a former model Formula 1 boss, BernieThe neighborhood was (theoretically) monitored and removed without a second's interruption by police and private security. Jewels and cash equivalent worth between 20 and 50 million euros. The exact amount was never released or reconstructed with minor flaws. Of course: the victim, who was on holiday with her husband and daughter in Lapland, did not report a precise shortage. After that, or above all, if the investigators Scotland Yard They have Step by step identified the components and sent them to the bar Confronting the speed of judges to sentence and prison, Since then a ghost laughs and rejoices (dragging the booty). That is The leader of the commando, 46-year-old Daniel Vukovich Alias ​​Alfredo Lindley, Lubomir Radosavljevi, Lubomir Romanov.

Since man is accurate Many signsA criminal with a fictitious existence (on the very spot, long ago, the BBC filmed a documentary), and a super fugitive with impunity. Vuković was in contact with the Roma camp via Monte Pispino. The basis of the beginning of the bond with the two The main partners, Alessandro Maltese and Alessandro Donati, In addition to the damage, they would have suffered the humiliation that it deserved imprisonment, so to speak in this case too: true. Didn't pocket a cent From this predatory adventure ended badly, at least to hear their oaths in the courtroom.

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For that matter, Vukovich comes to mind because he He took refuge in Serbia. Yes, the same Serbia protects Two commando members who freed Russian businessman Artem Uz from house arrest in March, accused by the United States of being the largest fraud involving military supplies. There is no shortage of common points. Like the two commandos, The police informed the local authorities of the exact location of the wanted persons To get them going, as happened with Vukovich. Then the mobile team acted itself, but always provided the Serbian investigators with all the details to get the culprit out. Response and reaction? Zero. The British who coordinated the investigation also tried then. The Courier He has studied Document on the London-Belgrade axis. Here are the key steps and summary. They help us understand the chameleon-like complexity of the Slavic world, the infinite connections between crime and machinations, the futility of certain diplomatic strategies, and the laws within Europe.

«The Central Authority of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland submitted by email, letter dated 15 April 2021, registered in the Commonwealth Affairs Directorate of the Republic, Daniel Vukovich's extradition request. The extradition request was made in accordance with the provisions of the European Extradition Convention of 1957, and requested extradition for criminal proceedings for the offence. Criminal conspiracy to commit robbery and money laundering (…) In addition, it is requested Agreement between Serbia and Great Britain on the Reciprocal Extradition of Offenders.”

Slavic officials had it Addressed in Obrenovac, Not far from Belgrade where the bandit was; A rhetorical move”Vukovic transferred personal data as a matter of routine before competent authorities” in short, acquisition Another alias but this time with the government's blessing. It was him, but according to the registry it wasn't him anymore. So “After the consent request was sent to the Belgrade High Court-Special Department for Organized Crime, the previous decision of the Belgrade Court of Appeal was confirmed: the legal requirements for extradition to the judicial authorities of Great Britain and Northern Ireland were not satisfied and His extradition was denied.”

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There is no sin in assuming that Vuković has some people to thank, over there in Serbia; He is not short of money (of Tamara).; Perhaps now the two partners of the Russian businessman will join the celebrations.

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