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Mediterranean hurricane: bad weather, floods in Sicily. A dead man in Scotia. Calabria Warning


Rome, 25 October 2021 – A hurricane hits Italy Flood Sicily and Calabria. During these hours a deep low pressure center reaches the Sicilian Sea and is transformed into a real center Mediterranean hurricane.

This is a red alert Bad weather A river in the province of Trapani was flooded yesterday. Many were rescued, including some foreign tourists during the count A dead man a Scotia, Catania area. about that A 67-year-old man When he was in a rural area in the district of ‘Ocleostro’. Missing with that person last night Wife 65 years old, still in it No news. In the provincial capital, violent rains caused various damage and flooding. Also a river in the province is flooded: Cemeto. Traffic is blocked on 335 State Roads, which are occupied by debris and mud in the area connecting Scotia to Balagonia.

Bad weather in Sicily: Searching for missing in Scotia (Ansa)

Bad weather, midnight midnight civil defense radar

3bmeteo experts say “bad weather affects the island depending on different regions”. Exceptional rainfall peaks occurred precisely in the Catanian interior, especially in the Lentini / Scordia region. “It fell in these areas 5-6 months of rain in 48 hours, Almost in practice 50% per year, With 200-300 mm compared to the average annual 500-600 mm. The 400mm peaks on the east side of Edna are also exceptional.

Four people were rescued by the Nucleo Safe, the Tropani Firefighters’ Alpine River Cave and Alcamo crew, who were prevented from flooding the river in the Trapani area during the severe storm. Four, two Germans, an Italian and a South American were rescued shortly before the sinking. All four were in a state of hypothermia and were taken to hospital, but their condition did not worsen.

Antonio Sane, director and founder of, warns that the hurricane will cause severe and persistent waves of bad weather, especially in Calabria, where floods are expected in most parts of the region. But pouring rain Winds of more than 100 km per hour will also hit Sicily and Basilicotta And locally Campania. The cyclone will affect parts of the center, especially temporarily, especially on Tuesday with widespread rain. In the north, however, the weather will improve with more sun and the entry of tense winds from Bora and Greece will reduce night temperatures. The hurricane will affect the weather in the south throughout the week, and always in particular in Ionian Calabria and Sicily, but also in southern Buglia from Thursday. Then on Halloween weekend and with the feast of All Saints a Atlantic disturbance This could ruin the holiday bridge’s plans.

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