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Marco Cappato was hospitalized after an illness in Valle d'Aosta: Parini rushed to the hospital

Marco Cappato was hospitalized after an illness in Valle d'Aosta: Parini rushed to the hospital

Activist and Politician Marco Cappado was In the hospital A. followed by Parini Hospital in Astha Highlands. Luca Coccioni, treasurer of the association, presided Valle d'Aosta When he felt sick, he was immediately taken to the emergency room by ambulance. There is no word yet on his condition.

Marco Cappado was admitted to Valle d'Aosta Hospital

Politician and activist Marco Cappado was hospitalized In recent days at the Parini Hospital in Aosta, a regional hospital in the Aosta Valley.

It was learned from ANSA that he felt the news of the sudden illness of the association's treasurer, Luca Coccioni, while he was in the Alpine region.

Marco Cappado's tweet revealing his condition following his hospitalization in Valle d'Aosta in recent days

After being ill, there was Marco Cappado Transported by ambulance to the emergency room of the local hospital. After hours of silence, Cappado shared an update on his health on Twitter.

Marco Cappado's health

After spending “New Year's Eve in the emergency room of the U. Barini Hospital in Aosta”, Marco Cappado He assured about his health With a tweet posted from his profile on X.

“I was discharged today after being admitted to the hospital following a cardiac problem caused by him A neurological ischemic disorder'. Serious stuff, but not extreme,” the activist wrote.

“Deceiver A minor heart surgeryIn a few weeks I will do it and I will be as good as new – concluded Cappado – thanks to all the staff for the skill and humanity that allowed me to spend these 4 days in the best way possible at the Barini Hospital in Aosta. Possible Peace”.

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Medical Bulletin

A note from Marco Cappado's press office shared the activist's “Dr. Mario Riccio, Trusted Doctor Medical Bulletin.” According to the document, “Luca Coccioni, treasurer of the association and President of Humans, has been hospitalized at the Barini Hospital in Aosta since December 31. A problem of cardiac origin It created a neuro-ischemic paradox in the articulation process of speech, which is clearly improving now”.

Cappado “underwent tests to confirm the medical picture and received appropriate treatment. Brain resonance imaging, which MHigh degree of ischemic damage. Despite a promising and improving medical picture, Marco Cappado – discharged today – still needs adequate rest and treatment.

“Probably a problem that caused cerebral ischemia A patent cardiac foramen ovale is presentin the next few weeks Marco Cappado will – by election – be subject to its closure”. The news already anticipated by Cappado in his tweet.

In conclusion, Cappado's press office thanks “all the operators of the cardiology and neurology departments – the latter directed by Dr. Susanna Scordera – of the Umberto Parini Hospital in Aosta Demonstrated professionalism and availability. Special thanks to Dr. Laura Galiziana”.

Photo credit: ANSA