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M5S has no quorum in the new referendum on the suspended law.  Second call on Friday for those who have registered for more than six months as per 2018 rules

M5S has no quorum in the new referendum on the suspended law. Second call on Friday for those who have registered for more than six months as per 2018 rules

No quorum was reached to verify the vote on the new M5s Act on the first call. They voted 34,040 members, Interacts with the M5s on the blog. The meeting will then continue with a second call on 11 March 2022 from 8 to 22.Telematic assembly Of members 5 star motion – Call to vote Amendments to the law Approved for Summer 2021 e Precautionarily paused By the Court of Naples Last February 7th – It took place on the SkyVote platform. First item on the agenda “again and again 2/3 Stockholder Meeting Resolution adopted on August 2021, “Proposal to edit the articles of association and simultaneous withdrawal of the shareholders’ meeting resolution on February 17, 2021”, For its confirmation / verification purpose“. To vote Are allowed again Only those who have registered for more than six monthsUnder the old law, “in the absence of a regulation approved by the Guarantee Committee, on the proposal of the Steering Committee”, the Challenge Act was deemed to be inappropriate.

However, after the Judicial earthquake, Former ruler of the movement Witto Grimm He argued that control has existed ever since8 November 2018It will always be recognized as a way Mail exchange Luigi de Mayo – the political leader at the time, the body equivalent to the steering committee – and Grimi, then chairman of the Security Council. On the other hand, the existence of that law was cited The same Graduation (17 July 2021) Stakeholders Meeting August 2 and 3, following the procedure followed in all other cases. It was further confirmed on this occasion: “Only those who have been registered for at least six months can vote According to the rules Accepted by the Guarantee Committee on November 8, 2018 படிக்க, reads the notice signed by Grimy and Pavla Taverna.

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However, in the case filed by three members in Naples (Renato delle Donne, Steven Brian Hutchinson and Liliana Coppola) the 2018 regulatory movement was never created, changes in the law should be repealed and Conte should be appointed president. So, when to party He asked Withdrawal of order Suspension under Section 669-decies Code of Civil Procedure (This will allow “if there are changes in the circumstances or if previous facts obtained after the precautionary measure were incorporated”) The judge rejected the application because the bond must be understood “KnownOr whatever Definitely knowableSince it was adopted. “But he did not enter into a valid eligibility or otherwise regulatory eligibility, which allowed the M5s to recount the vote on that basis.

The Assembly should also express its opinion Corrections to related association articles Internal democracy Required Guarantee fee Laws – For recording M5s al- A system of five judges based on room Registration of political partiesAs required to access Election repayment Of 2x thousand, The base was approved last November.