Monday, July 22, 2024

Budget law, so the government collects money from the rich to get more money


to Rimini meeting Economy Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti has already warned Italians: There is no money to do everything. there 2024 budget law Part with the foot stuck in one Find resources very Difficult.

Giorgetti has said, in all sincerity, that he will complex maneuver Not that they are usually a walk in the park, but perhaps he wanted to insinuate that sacrifices would be made on government promises – from an economic and political point of view. between mandatory waivers There may be a possibility of reducing personal income tax rates from four to three and more.

to complicate 2024 budget law It’s Europe. This, as you remember printingThis will not allow a large maneuver in the deficit, especially after the decision to impose a flat tax of 15 percent on income from self-employment, which amounts to 85 thousand euros.

Few Budget Law Resources: Giorgetti’s Warning

Economy Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti confirmed, at the Rimini meeting, that the next meeting The budget law will be complicated. “Everything is like that, but we are called upon to set priorities“, he said, speaking on this subject. In general, there is not enough money to implement all that the government promised.

Giorgetti announced this in his speech There are priorities, i.e. a social security measure and a measure against declining birth rates. However, they are not simple maneuvers to take home, and the risk that the flat tax, repeal of the Fornero law, fiscal peace, repeal of tariffs and other October government promises will not be implemented is all too certain.

Cash on the rich: Where resources are sought

The government’s goal, which it announced on several occasions, is Helping low- and middle-income people, but the resources to do so may not exist. Aware of this fact, the European Commission is already trying to get some of it deficit margin (Currently set at 3.7 percent, eight decimal places lower than this year).

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However, to make such an application, one must present himself to Europe with his domestic duties, such as obtaining Reorganization of the collection system and tax concessions. The text above the workbench today is exactly what it refers to Savings in the tax exemption system. It is likely to be expected Reducing the total income that exceeds sixty thousand euros.

printing He assesses the situation regarding potential deductions that will end up in the crosshairs of this process, which could be those related to medical expenses or interest expenses on mortgages. But certainly, from government sources, Those with dependent children will not be touched.

In short, Economy Minister Giorgetti was definitely right about one thing: It will be a complicated maneuver On which Meloni plays some friendship in the majority. However, there are doubts about priorities. Will it really be possible to keep promises? Probably not, and employees, for example, would have to reconcile the exemption granted so far with the tax exemption.


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