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“The poor eat better than the rich” – QuiFinanza

“The poor eat better than the rich” – QuiFinanza

from the discussion on Minimum salary (And for which he began collecting signatures) so when you delete basic income (which we talked about here), in recent weeks, the economic issues of households and companies have dominated the media and public opinion.

Minister in Meloni’s government Francesco Lollobrigidabut he ended up in a storm for some of his Considerations about the “poor” and the “rich”Which seemed more inappropriate in view of the historical period and the economic situation in which we live. Here’s what happened.

What Minister Lollobrigida said

According to the Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, in Italy “we haveNutrition education across classes“, where “the poor often eat better, because they buy high-quality products from the producer and at a low cost.” Rimini meetingLollobrigida gave a speech on food safety and sustainability, and compared our country’s system to that of the United States. “There is one,” he said outside social division between those who eat well and the less affluent classes who are stuffed with conditioning agents that are in the interest of the seller rather than the final consumer.

The minister’s speech also focused on the so-called “food deserts”according to which the availability of healthy foods is less in less affluent neighborhoods, “because There are no supermarkets who sell them, and there are above all the small markets that offer ready-to-eat food, cheap food, mainly frozen and fried” (Is organic food really good for health?).

What does the data say

However, recent studies seem to refute Lollobrigida’s position, highlighting that the main reason low-income people “eat worse” is largely cultural. Another proof is given by the fact that in the United States of America Higher-income families buy and consume healthy foods, on average.

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By “food desert” we mean an urban area At least a third of the population Lives at least 1 mile from the nearest supermarket. The distance rises to at least 16 kilometers for rural areas. According to the data IstatIn 2021, two million Italian families will fall into poverty, with a particularly peak in the south (in the meantime Climate change is driving up the prices of these foods dramatically).

opposition criticism

The reaction of the opposition parties was not long in coming P.D. “I deal above all with those Italians who find it difficult to shop, and there are many of them, although unfortunately I have seen that there are some ministers who think that the poor eat better than the rich,” he said. Eli Shlain. To repeat dem minister was also Andrew OrlandoWith a comment bordering on irony: “For Minister Lollobrigida often The poor eat better than the rich. This is why they removed citizenship income. Something must be done for the rich who eat poorly, the poor.”

Alessandro Caramillogroup leader M5s In the Chamber’s Culture Committee, he spoke instead of “objectively unbearable words” and about A ‘Increasingly incompetent minister’‘, as well as ‘a slap in the face to all those people who are in great difficulty today, who are finding it hard to do their shopping because food inflation is still at very high levels.’