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“Have you left your instincts with Brando, Beatrice? I’m not afraid of her. She talked about me and . . .”

“Have you left your instincts with Brando, Beatrice? I’m not afraid of her. She talked about me and . . .”

With his courage and spontaneity… Raffaella Scotto He conquered everyone. In an interview with the official weekly magazine of men and womenthe guy Suitor He evaluated his journey with tronista Brando Efrikian He revealed his thoughts about Her rival is Beatrice D’Orsay.

The Truth by Rafaela Scotto

Raffaella Scotto He gave his first interview to the official magazine of men and women In it, she revealed the reasons that prompted her to participate in Dating program by maria de filippi And he talked about it The relationship with Tronista Brando Evrikyan was born:

I was actually supposed to participate last year, but had to cancel due to booking a trip in the same period. I wanted to have that experience to discover myself, to put myself out there. And also because until now I have not been lucky in love. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone, from my country, to meet new people who had different ideas and lifestyles than mine.

With Brando I let go of my instincts, I couldn’t back down. He started being cold to me, maybe he understood me better and came to get me back […] What do I like about Brando? Despite his maturity, he takes things lightly.

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about him Rivals in love, Beatrice and Sylviathe young suitor of men and women I confess:

I’m not afraid of anyone because I don’t want to see it as a competition between us. From my position, I can introduce myself to Brando, follow my path and analyze his situations with others to understand him better. Others work to realize who the person is. I was aware that by participating in men and women, Tronista would meet more girls and, just like in real life, likes and dislikes would be generated.

With Beatrice it didn’t come from me. You talked about me and wanted to clarify […] With Sylvia, for example, there is a friendly civil relationship. What moved me was not the continuity between him and Beatrice, but the fact that I felt left out. I focus on self-esteem, and I know that others generally don’t tend to respect you the way you respect yourself. I felt like I wasn’t given the value I gave myself.

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