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Try c me the true story of the swindler who deceived America

Try c me the true story of the swindler who deceived America

Try to catch me, Steven Spielberg’s film, which airs tonight at 11.52 in Iris, is actually based on the novel. Catch me if you can: This is a signed autobiography from Life Frank Abagnale Jr.The protagonist of the story and played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the film. Try to catch me, In fact, it tells an incredibly true story: the story of a fake and fraudulent man who evaded the rules of the American government.

Try to get me, plot

The plot of the 2002 film begins with the protagonist Frank Abongnale Jr. (Leonardo DiCaprio) At the age of sixteen, to decide which parents to live with after a terrible divorce: if with his father (Christopher Vulcan) Or with mother (Natalie Baye). Unable to make such a subtle decision, without running the risk of injuring those who gave his life, Frank decides to run away from home. In this wandering and improved life, the boy can start a life characterized by scams, from banks looking for new check books, to the brave one who plays the pioneer of Pan Amin. Airlines.

But Frank’s stunt soon catches the attention of FBI agent Carl Honratty (Tom Hanks), Who will begin to hunt him down, turning him into his own rage. Fled to Georgia and fell in love with nurse Brenda Strong (Amy Adams), Frank forged documents to work as a doctor. But the FBI agent will always be on his way, and the man will now be forced to flee to Europe.

The real story behind the film

It was also said in the directed film Steven Spielberg, Try to catch me Frank Abagnale Jr. describes the years famous for fraud and crime-related crimes. How it is recreated Biography, Frank Abagnale began his career in crime as a teenager, taking his first steps into the world of counterfeit currency through credit card and checkbook fraud. When he left home at the age of sixteen, Frank Abagnale had neither a proper education nor enough money in his account to defend himself financially. However, the boy forged his driving license to appear as a ten-year-old so that he could present himself in more lucrative job interviews than a teenager. However, the work world did not seem right for him, so Frank Abagnale Jr. began defrauding the banks. Disclosed checks, Thank you for paying him in advance. The scam owed its success to the fact that Frank was so adept at changing his identity and name that it was very difficult for the authorities to find out who was responsible for the stolen goods.

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Soon, however, the frauds of the checks were not enough, and the person tried another way: impersonation. In fact, he was able to pass himself off as a pilot Bon Yes, The airline, which was founded in the 1920s, was forced to file for bankruptcy in 1991. Thanks to some tricks, he was able to get a pilot’s uniform and fake documents, and as a result worked for the airline. Although he learned a lot about flying, Frank Abagnale was not interested in flying, but in using it. Disappearance, Pan Am is a practice that provides free travel to its pilots. This way the fraudster can travel around the world without paying a single dollar. When the sign was discovered and police began monitoring him, Frank Abagnale escaped and decided to pursue a career as a doctor in Georgia.

Among the other identities of the fraudster was a lawyer, but also a university professor. Eventually, however, Abagnale chose to flee to Europe with about $ 2 million in assets to check for fraud as the FBI went its own way. He was arrested in 1969 in the state of Transylvania: despite numerous escape attempts, Abagnale was forced to serve five years in prison. It was at this point that another turning point came in his life. The Government From the United States, after being “teased” by Fake, he decided to offer him a job. In fact, he was released after five years in prison, and Frank Abagnale agreed to work with the government, all of his knowledge and skills helping to prevent the United States from deceiving people like him. Abagnale was then privatized: he outsourced his services to banks for a hefty fee and his own company, The. Abacnell & Associates This, in a short time, allowed him to live to be a millionaire today.

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According to a recent article EsquireHowever, a version of the events described by Abagnale in his autobiography and later published by Spielberg Try to catch me Has been installed in many Lie. The article reports the reporter’s book Alan c. Logan, Title The biggest hoax on earth: catching as much truth as we can It says: “According to Abagnale’s story he ran between the ages of sixteen and twenty, and was chased by the FBI all over the United States and internationally is all fantasy.” And, according to the reporter, Frank Abagnale passed “Most of those years were in prison.” The suspicion that what is said in the autobiography is not credible comes from Abagnale His site Writes: “I wrote the book C Me If You’re You If You’re in It 23 years ago. It was written with the help of another writer from the perspective of a sixteen year old boy. I have only been interviewed four times by another author. He also exaggerated the drama. […] I know that Hollywood has made many changes in my history, but I’m proud to say that Steven Spielberg, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks were inspired by my life and involved in filmmaking. But it is important to understand that this is only a film, not a biographical documentary.