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US inflation, US bank accounts and garages are at the center of attention

US inflation, US bank accounts and garages are at the center of attention

Milano – US inflation, bills American banks (Records expected), game developments Garage: Opening Week will not be stingy on macro-economic and strict financial topics. Wednesday will be US data Prices (Enriched by weekend consumption data) and publication Brown book. Inflation will be released on the same day China When from interventions ECB President Christine Lagarde (Tuesday and Friday) There may be signs on the line that the European Central Bank intends to take.

But this week will be crucial for the 2021 decisions of the big American banks: they are coming out Blackrock, Citigroup, JPMorgan and Wells Fargo, Need to set new revenue records. The first important step in garage sales may come very soon, after the improvement of the offer offered by Bper. Finally, Tim’s document should be monitored: the unions meet with the general manager on Wednesday, and there is no CEO yet: a board of directors may be set up to provide him with proxies these days.

These are all appointments collected by Agi News Agency.

Monday 10

Estad: Provisional assessment of working and unemployed in November.
PA: Presentation at Palazzo Vidoni on ‘Re-creating the PA – Deserving to qualify the country’. With Ministers, Renato Brunetta (Public Administration) and Maria Cristina Messa (University and Research), Tim Chairman Salvador Rosie And Stefano Stingi, Director of Public Administration, Microsoft Italy.
Fastweb: Online press conference, with the intervention of advertising Alberto Calcacno.
Confindustria: In Pordenone, “Increase in commodity prices: causes, impacts, opportunities”, meeting organized by Confindustria Alto Adriatico. With the President’s Representative of Confindustria Per L Energy, Aurelio Regina.
EU: Release of Data on the Unemployment Rate, November.

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Tuesday 11

Estate: Retail, November.
Consob: Presentation of VII Report on Investment Choices of Italian Families. With the President, Pavlo Savona, And the Commissioner Carmine de noa.
Pwc Italy: Italy’s Final Event 2021 – Skills to relaunch the country. With Mauricio Marceschini, Vice President of Confindustria for Supply Chains and Medium Enterprises.
ECB: Speech Christine Lagarde.
Central Bank: Inquiry by the Senate Banking Commission Jerome Powell For re-appointing him governor.

Wednesday 12

Government bonds: Annual pot auction for $ 6.5 billion.
Tim: In Rome, the DLC unions meet with the DG Pietro Lapriola.
Bangitalia: Publications ‘Banks and Money: The National Series’.
Azimut: Azimut Fintech World press conference in Milan and pre-2021 closing data.
ECB: Speech Enrique
Usage: Inflation and major inflation
Use: Weekly mortgage application code
USA: Weekly oil stocks
Central: Release Brown book
China: Inflation and Producer Prices, December

Thursday 13

Estad: Monthly note on industrial production and trends in the Italian economy, November-December 2021
Bangitalia: Publications ‘Summary of the Italian Economy’, ‘Study on Inflation and Growth Expectations’.
Energy: In the Production Operations Authority Chamber and Industrial Senate, Following an inquiry by Minister for Climate Change Roberto Cingolani into energy prices and supply security.
S&P Global Ratings: Milano, 2022 Italy Annual Press Conference
ECB: Publishing and Texts of the Economic Bulletin De Kindos, Hawkerinen et Elderson.
Friday 14

ECB: Speeches by Christine Lagarde and Schnabel
GB: Industrial Production and Trade Equilibrium, November

France: Inflation, December
Spain: Inflation, December
Germany: Data distribution on GDP 2021
United States: Retail and Industrial Production, December
United States: University of Michigan Consumer Confidence, January
China: Trade balance and imports, December

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