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Bossi dismisses Salvini, new leader needed.  Answer: 'I have been used to criticism for 30 years' – news

Bossi dismisses Salvini, new leader needed. Answer: 'I have been used to criticism for 30 years' – news

“We need a new leader who will advance the cause of autonomy and put the northern issue back at the centre”: is the message Umberto Bossi For 40 years of the League, the senator was launched in a company of a hundred faithful from Gemoneo, where he lived for many years. A failure Matteo Salvini, whose effects on the party will only become clear in the coming weeks. The person concerned has completed the task of G7 transport and is currently responding with a note. “For thirty years I have been accustomed to the criticism of Umberto Bossi. I also talk about this in my book coming out at the end of April. I listen to them with attention and gratitude, and I only answer – the best gift for this party is to see him healthy, concludes the Northern League secretary. Gemoneo downplayed the invitation to feast in the square, “one feast a week,” and enjoyed the warmth of the faithful. To celebrate the anniversary in front of the house of the Son of the founder, “I have a surprise – Umberto must greet you one by one” Marco Reguzzoni, the former secretary of the Lombard League, Dario Galli, the former vice-president of the FI and a maximum of 5 people at the entrance at a time. The notary Franca Bellorini, the other founder of the League, Giuseppe Leoni, province of Varese, who authenticated the founding act of the Lombard League. And there are extremists from Lombardy, Marseille and Umbria. Bossi receives the press after cutting a chocolate cake with the words 'Dear Umberto we love you'. On the path taken by Salvini's league, it is clear: “It is different from ours”. It “needs a new leader”. For those asking if he would be good in that role Giancarlo GiorgettiBossi replies: “Giorgetti is a good guy, but you made up the name, not me. Otherwise they'll assassinate him.”

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The first reaction from party leaders comes from the League's Deputy Secretary Andrea Krippa. “Let's make assessments when the Congress is going on: I will express my vote, if Salvini is the candidate I will vote for Salvini. Because my opinion is that without Salvini the league will not exist at this time – a loyalist of the captain -. Bossi created the league, Salvini restarted it, what Salvini did is political in a few weeks. And the league will remain in history. However, complete silence from other major league members: the governor of Friuli Venezia Giulia, or the president of the Veneto region, Luca Zaia, did not want to comment on the senator's expulsion I saw. This is a league from 40 years ago. Salvini took his own path, and each goes his own – Bossi continues, revealing Giorgetti. Salvini called him in the last few hours – at that time the League was rooted in the people's base, we spoke in Varese, it was a new need for something otherworldly and anyone with political instincts would have understood that, today we need another motivation to change things, for example, the League must be a motivation .” If Castelli speaks of a “League that no longer exists,” Grimoldi is adamant, “Salvini must take a step back and return the party to the identity themes of 40 years ago. Salvini is a minister, let him be a minister. Minister “. Reguzzoni underlines that “the large number of people here today is a sign of affection for a man who represents, represents and will always represent the flag of the North”. In Gemoneo, there were also many fighters loyal to the senator, from the ambulance driver who helped him when he fell seriously ill in 2004, First driver to Modesto Verderio: “First driver is free. It's an honor. – He says – Salvini is a traitor, he betrayed all the principles of the North.

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