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Black Minds, a new podcast series dedicated to the great noir masters

Black Minds, a new podcast series dedicated to the great noir masters

Rome, April 26, 2022 – A journey in mind book noir starting from James Ellroy. It’s online on all platforms, and the first episode Who’s new product sequence Dedicated to the authors who, through the lens of crime literature, have kept millions of readers eager for the noir genre until the last page. The series is entitledblack minds‘Die suggests it’ Storielibere.fmAudio Podcasting Platform Entrusted to Radical Tellers A storytelling and entertainment project aimed at re-centralizing the word is an audio podcast platform entrusted to hardcore tellers.

black mindsFocuses on writers Excitement type And on the secrets of their stories: an exciting journey into the minds and lives of these authors who will tell about their lives, the different types of writing, and the unforgettable characters born of their imagination, obsessions, and oddities.

The the first episode Dedicated to James Elroy,angry dogof noir, the author who best narrated – in such masterpieces as ‘Black Dahlia’, ‘LA Confidential’, ‘American Tabloid’ and many others – the evil that permeates the history of the United States of America, the loss of innocence that is not actually possessed, but Even an illusion will not remain after him. A man, as he himself told, writes stories to console the ghost of his mother, and to imitate the memory of that dramatic event that marked his childhood and life. The heroes of the following episodes will be other masters of global crime like Fred VargasAnd Joe NesboAnd Stig LarsonAnd Patricia HighsmithAnd Don Winslow.

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to tell these stories Paolo Roversi, writer, journalist, screenwriter and podcast analyst. “Here is the first part of the new podcast “Black Minds” Dedicated to crime writers and Storielibere productions. We start with one of the masters of global crime: James Elroy, the mad dog of noir because he loves to introduce himself. Happy listening,” Roversi tweeted announcing the new project.
novels Investigators Stories By Roversi it has been translated into eight languages ​​and many theater performances and short films have been taken from his books. with the novelThe left hand of the devilMarsilio won the 2007 Camaiore Prize for yellow literature during the novel.Only time to die“(Marsilio) won the 2015 Premio Selezione Bancarella and the Garfagnana Prize at the 2015 Giallo. With the novel”Bishkeler(Sem) won the 2020 Scerbanenco Readers’ Award. He is the founder and director of the NebbiaGialla Suzzara Noir Festival and the portal for MilanoNera.

The series, complete with cover illustration created by Giuseppe Camoncoli, consists of Six episodes Which will be issued on a monthly basis. “Black Minds” is distributed online at and on all major podcast listening platforms (Spotify, Apple Podcast, Spreaker, Google Podcast).