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Gigi D’Alessio’s drama, the tumor was fatal: “It’s gone forever”


Gigi D’Alessio is one of the most popular singers in Italian entertainment, and the credit certainly goes to his undisputed talent in the world of music.

Being so beloved by young and old, his private life naturally arouses curiosity. Now enjoying the joys of fatherhood again, But in the past, he had to deal with a huge loss. This is the one who is forced to say goodbye forever.

Gigi D’Alessio –

Those who have followed Gigi D’Alessio since his early beginnings in the entertainment world know not only all the details of his artistic career, but also of his love life. He has been married for many years Carmela Barbato Which made him a father ClaudiusAnd the Ilaria And the Luca (Known for participating in the previous version of friends From Maria Devilipi with the stage name LDA).

When they broke up he immediately walked out Anna Tatangelo. Their love lasted until a few years ago and then took different paths. Now in his life he is very young Dennis Esposito. He became a father for the fifth time, which was a great joy for the singer. He always appears with a cheerful smile, but in the past There was an event that turned his life upside down.

“I tried everything to help him.”

Not everyone knows that Gigi D’Alessio was forced to experience dramatic moments that marked him forever. Some time ago, a person dear to him, viz., disappeared His brother Pietro who for years battled lung cancer.

“I have tried everything to help him, I think sometimes we become more evil than sickness, persistence is evil. For certain things you have to let the decision go bye. The important thing is prevention and treatmentYou have to love yourselfThis is what Gigi D’Alessio said in one of his countless interviews. Pain was definitely still wearing his soul. After all, the loss of a very important person leaves an indelible mark.

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After the storm, the sun came

For a year, Gigi D’Alessio has been happy with Denis who in recent months has made him the father of little Francesco. Galeotto was one of his countless concertsas she was one of the many fans.

Couple shot -
Gigi D’Alessio and Dennis Esposito –

Lucky for her, the man lured her for a long time because she was skeptical of their hypothetical love story. Fortunately, Gigi D’Alessio did not throw in the towel and It sure looks like it was worth it.


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