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ISOLA DEI FAMOSI 2022 Expendable Cards and Eleventh Episode Report / Blind "Without Character"

ISOLA DEI FAMOSI 2022 Expendable Cards and Eleventh Episode Report / Blind “Without Character”

Isola dei Famosi 2022: Criticism of the blind

blind She is undoubtedly one of the most untouchable characters I’ve talked aboutFamous Island 2022. In yesterday’s episode, the rapper had a confrontation with Eduardo Tavasi, after a series of clashes with the frictions that have already appeared in the last episodes. If Edoardo Blind is accused of negatively affecting Jeremias Rodriguez (who retired two episodes ago), Blind Tavassi is under the control of his sister Guendalina. Many on social media criticized the position of the young rapper. “Blind accuses Eduardo of being manipulated by Guendalina who thinks with the chief of Estefania, Roger and Jeremias and has no personality” And “Roger and the Blind Manipulative Liars who want to turn on Tavasis because they fear them“. still: “The Stefania, Roger and Blind trio should be dismantled…soon!(Essay by Elisa Purcelluzzi)

Isola dei Famosi 2022: Social media to save Tafasi

At the end of the eleventh episode ofFamous 2022 Island The untouchables ending the nomination are: Lecia Nunez, Marco Cocolo, Guendalina and Eduardo Tavasi. Someone will have to leave Palapa during the next episode, on Friday, April 29th. Tam Tam has already started on social media for Save the Tavasi brothers, is among the lovable outcasts in this version of the reality show hosted by Elari Blassie. “No matter how many times they mention the Tavasi brothers, we will always save them by taking them to the final, despite this evil trio” And “Let’s save Edoardo Guendalina and Licia are the only ones who say things to their faces. Others pretend to be pacifists“Two users wrote on Twitter. There are also those who are asking for the elimination of Marco Cocolo, who without Laurie del Santo has lost a little of his mina: “Please look at reality shows with different eyes, look not at your likes and dislikes but who creates the dynamics. Guendalina Licia and Edoardo can’t go out, Marco is kind and sweet but if he comes back to Lory he better not bring much to the island alone!(Essay by Elisa Purcelluzzi)

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Isola dei Famosi 2022, Episode 11 Report Cards

The eleventh episode ofCelebrity Island 2022. Ilary Blasi opened with a sparkly dress that conquered the audience once again in the studio and from home. After the introduction of critics Vladimir Luxoria and Nicolas Savino, the first clashes – confrontations – begin. first between Eduardo Tavasi against blind, but what catches everyone’s attention is between Ilona Staller and Nicholas Vaporidis. The ex-actress is disappointed with the actor’s behavior: “I am angry with you because you are telling nonsense, repent, you have told lies, you are saying untrue things. You have slandered me, you have hurt me so much as a woman. ” What can I say it cradles wonderfully. (Vote 8). Once again, the “Night Before Exams” actor’s response came as no surprise as he apologized to the actress. (Vote 4)

The episode continues with a difficult confrontation between Lycia Nunez nominated by the blind. The actress exclaimed, “It’s Katzaro, that’s the most wrong statement I could make. Like I’ve always said from the start, there were some prejudices about my person and my profession.” (Grade 7). Meanwhile in Palapa, everyone is taking sides Gwendalina Tavasi to the gate of the café. Jevina’s previous clashes with Laura Madaloni, but his fidelity was also praised by the studio and Vladimir Luxoria. (Vote 6)

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Isola dei Famosi 2022: Test the captain’s gate and Marco Coccolo “Sprozo” in Palapa

The eleventh episode of Celebrity Island 2022 He also witnessed the clash between them Carmen de Petro and son Alexander. “You’re no longer the son you used to be,” says Carmen, upset about the behavior of her son Alessandro, who just wants to grow and develop. “I want to develop,” says the boy, but the mother replies “to eat yes and sleep no? Bonding. Sorry but I don’t want to.” (7th row) Meanwhile, the boat arrives at Palapa with Clemente Russo who agrees to test himself so he can hug his wife, Laura, again. The challenge was won by the former boxing champion who not only embraced his wife, but also returned to the game. (grade 6).

In the end, the leader’s test becomes a real case. The outcasts apparently agreed to name Laura Madaloni who first won the Honduran Snake Test, but was soon disqualified when Alvin reported that she had used her legs to break the rules. The hero disappointed, as Roger became the leader of the week. (5th grade) There’s no shortage of funny moments: from Marco “Drunk” Cocolo in Palapa (6th grade) to Elari Blasi who can’t read the nominations show.

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