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Big Brother Phip, After Barrow's Cold Words to Verissimo, Jessica's Surprising Reaction Arrive: Doubtful Fans

Big Brother Phip, After Barrow’s Cold Words to Verissimo, Jessica’s Surprising Reaction Arrive: Doubtful Fans

After the recent statements of Verissimo’s ex-giffino, Jessica Selassié has left everyone speechless: Here’s what happened between the two former Big Brother Vip champions.

During today’s episode of very righta Tuscan food blogger, one of the heroes of the sixth edition of big brother vipAnd Paro Jaitani. In the course of chatting with Silvia Tovanenthe former Givino is back to talk about it Jessica Selassie, Shows some impatience on this topic.

Big Brother Phip, After Barrow’s Cold Words to Verissimo, Jessica’s Surprising Reaction Arrive: Doubtful Fans

statements barrow They seemed icy and cut towards his ex-adventure partner who, not long after, you hadA surprising reaction left Jiro fans in disbelief.

Jessicaa few minutes ago, I actually decided to unfollow Barù on Instagram. A rather straightforward position that clearly indicates a certain disappointment with the words of the earlier gieffino made on the Canale 5 talk show.

Costatino’s nephew Gherardesca He mentioned that he only reviewed David Silvestri of former adventure companions, explaining that all the people he wanted to see again, he reviewed. And that’s not all of the reason barrow He further stated that he wanted to make a point in the story with Jessica Because it never existed:

I haven’t seen her yet. I’ve seen David twice and no one else. Yes, of course I’m glad to see her. But enough, no, not embarrassing. I’ve seen the people I want to see, you don’t mind seeing her either but let’s let her do what she wants. Then now I want To go on a trip, I have a lot of things to do. I have to go to New York to visit my sister and then I wanted to do something else that I can’t tell you. But when I do it to you, I’ll say.”

“I’d like to end this story that didn’t exist before. I looked at her with affection, deep love for a girlfriend. I wanted her? I want so many things, but how can you say. No, forget about it. The time is right. If I fall in love, I fall in love.” And tell the person I love. I’m not shy.”

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