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Anna Moroni, Lydia Bastianich, Episodes,

Anna Moroni and Lidia Bastianich will cook traditional Italian and American dishes.

Big news on food web (Digital terrestrial channel 33) as the title of the new original production Grandma feels hungry. The program, which will focus on the culinary world, will be attended by two grandmothers and cooking lovers: Anna Moroni And Lydia Bastianche.

Feel the hungry grandmother take care of her, debuts on Sunday, April 10

Grandma feels hungry Debuts on Sunday, April 10, at 15:00. The entire figure focuses on the two connectors. In fact, both Anna and Lydia are beautiful and fashionable grandmothers, however, they have always shown that they have a strong personality. In the new TV show, the two presenters, through traditional Italian and American dishes, tell tales of their lives and travels around the world.

Grandma feels hungry It is a production that will be divided into eight episodes, broadcast every Sunday afternoon. In the program, the city of Rome will also have a certain weight, which will frame the recipes with its suggestive landscapes.

Anna Moroni has been missing from TV for about a year

Today is 83 years old Anna Moroni It owes much of its popularity to chef test. Here, in fact, presented feel hungry nornna think about it She has worked for 16 years, experimenting with typical Italian recipes and giving cooking lessons to the host Antonella Clerici.

The technical partnership with the presenter was cut off in 2018 when it stopped Antonella Clerici who – which Anna Moroni They choose to leave the programme. Despite this, “Italy’s most famous housewife” continues to work on TV and make calls Italian recipes With David Mengacheabove Network 4. here Anna Moroni It remains until the end of the program, which arrived in January 2021. From that moment on, the chef did not participate in other television productions, except for participation in May 2021 in he is always at noonled by the program Antonella Clerici.

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I feel you are hungry Grandma Lydia Bastianche

Feeling like a hungry grandmother, Lydia Bastianche was a judge on Junior Masterchef Italia

also Lydia Bastianche, now 75, has already participated in other television productions. In particular, mother Atmosphere She was for two years (2014 and 2015) one of the judges Junior Masterchef Italy. The chef also participated (always as a judge) in Family food fight. Lydia BastiancheIn addition, he has published several books on Italian cuisine in the United States.

Grandma feels hungry It is a site format by Elio Poncenor. Then the program is produced exclusively for Discover Italy from I productionCoordination with Discovery Media Brand Solutions.