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“Sometimes I get distracted, it's embarrassing” - Libero Quotidiano

“Sometimes I get distracted, it’s embarrassing” – Libero Quotidiano

“Music sometimes distracts me. And when I return to planet Earth, it’s awkward”: speech stashThe singer and referee from the latest version of friends. The artist admitted in an interview with Tele Seven. With Stefano Di Martino Ed Emmanuel Filiberto of Savoy, Stash is one of the main characters of the talent show he hosts Maria de Felipe On Canale 5, which has reached its final stages. In fact, the final match will be broadcast tonight.

The relationship developed between the three judges during the broadcast reveals appreciation and respect. Speaking of this bond of friendship, Stach explained:We’re a nice trio. We have almost always agreed on which assessments to takeThen he determined that Stefano Di Martino had already known him before the evening started. So it was for them an opportunity to strengthen their friendship. While Emmanuel Filiberto Stach knew him only He said he was surprised at who he was.

He talks about his advertising experience friends, Then, the lead singer on The Kolors made it clear that now he could really say he’s lived out all the roles on the show. Actually He was a student, then a professor, then a competitor of Amici Speciali and this year also a judge. Judging as a former competitor is a strange experience, but in every episode I tried to do my bestStash finally said.