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Biden-Xi, evidence of thaw but clash over Taiwan and US sanctions – News

Biden-Xi, evidence of thaw but clash over Taiwan and US sanctions – News

“We’ve made some important progress and the talks have been very constructive and productive”: Joe Biden summed up the 4 hours he spent face-to-face with Xi Jinping at his press conference at a beautiful home in the suburbs of San Francisco. , a year later relations between the two countries hit an all-time low. The objective was to start the shore. As Biden explained after the handshake, it was about “clearly understanding each other and making sure that competition doesn’t lead to conflict”. And “overcoming differences” in a world “big enough for China and the United States to co-exist and succeed”, which “cannot turn their backs”, in the context of the global economy “regaining but slow” pace, weighed down by protectionism”, as Xi Jinping echoed, of US-China relations ” He said he believes in a “promising future.” But if dialogue does resume, many issues and tensions remain: from Taiwan to economic ties, to China undermined by US sanctions and limits on hi-tech exports, to Washington’s lack of a level playing field. And, with a diplomatically inappropriate response at this time, Biden He again publicly defined himself as a “dictator,” in the sense that he was at the helm of a “communist” country, and said he was concerned about China’s human rights abuses, including in Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong. The most important result, however, is to restore communication at the highest level, with a direct line between the two leaders in case of a crisis, as Biden announced in his rare press conference after the third summit this year. The military hotline was re-established by Beijing in 2022 after then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s controversial visit to Taiwan. And Xi agreed to a Chinese crackdown on the production and export of fentanyl, an opioid chemical precursor. Inexpensive synthetics claim tens of thousands of lives each year in the US. A commitment to cooperation on climate was also confirmed, although Biden called on Beijing to do more. Also intended to discuss artificial intelligence. Wall against wall in Taiwan. Biden said he reiterated the United States’ one-China policy, but made it clear to Xi that the United States expects China not to interfere in Taiwan’s elections, underscoring the importance of cross-Strait peace and stability. But the Beijing leader, according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, warned that the US “does not support Taiwan’s independence, must take firm steps to stop disarmament and support China’s peaceful reunification”. Unstoppable”. The news is that Taiwan will return home sooner or later, by hook or by crook. Another sore point raised by Xi is US actions on “export controls, investment checks and unilateral sanctions that seriously damage China’s legitimate interests”. “Fair, reasonable for Chinese companies. and demand that they be removed “to provide a non-discriminatory environment.” But Biden also lamented the lack of a level playing field in the economic race, warning that the treatment of intellectual property rights discourages investment. Pressure is also on North Korea. ): The Chinese leader remains a key political ally of Putin and has embraced the Palestinian issue.In return, Biden reiterated his support for Israel, while recalling the obligation to exercise caution not to harm civilians and the two-state solution.

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