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Belen Rodriguez, disaster is public: Get out of the car you can see everything | Incredible picture

You have to pay attention to how you get out of the car and that goes for everyone, even the stars: this is what happened to Blaine Rodriguez as she intended to get out of her car. The pictures spread around the world.

The Accidents also happen to stars And traveling by car is always a risk in every sense of the word. Not only accidents, injuries or infractions are around the corner, but also To say the least about harassment and embarrassing and provocative moments. The stars are certainly no exception, as evidenced by what happened Belen Rodriguez.

The famous Argentine soup found itself in one Hot condition to say the least: One of those cinematic scenes that few could imagine watching. part of a second Amazed both photographers who was waiting for her Both millions of fans for the world.

Beautiful Belen is known to her in Italian records Stormy and vibrant romantic relationshipsFrom Crown I have a Martino not to mention the others. But what made her more famous? Belen Rodriguez it’s his beauty And his amazing physique: one Real sexy queen That conquered the covers of all magazines.

So it was her The protagonist in Milan of negligence who revealed the startling details: Many are betting that the pretty showgirl has set herself up, adding a bit of grudge He got out of his car and showed what no one had seen before.

Belen Rodriguez: This is what I show everyone

seconds of inattention or grudge? It doesn’t matter, because what the paparazzi has immortalized makes you speechless. Mind boggling skirt Everyone surprised: Get out of the car With a big belly to anticipate him SantiagolamThe Argentine model gave a glimpse of the white panties Lucky reporters.

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The image that created the file a trip around the world In a few seconds, it quickly became viral and common in every corner of the globe: the crease of legs when getting out of the car left no way out. Beilin, wonderful and beautiful even in anticipation.

Evidence of its remarkable riches and aesthetic qualities, The showgirl smiled indifferentlyconveys magic and a little bit of grudge with what She showed her panties to the photographers Keen to be photographed with a baby bump. Proof that when simple and universal beauty, with small gestures, can conquer everyone every day.