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Games for families and prize Federico Tesio Events in Milan

Games for families and prize Federico Tesio Events in Milan

It’s one of the most highly anticipated events of the national running season: the Federico Tesio Prize. But Sunday 13 November at the Snai San Siro Hippodrome in Milan will also be a festive afternoon with many entertainment initiatives for the public, and in particular for families and children. Gates open from 12 noon in Piazza dello Sport 16 (gates open from 12 noon – entrance fee: 3 EUR; 5 EUR for family; free for minors and approved disabled with a companion), then off to the races from 12 noon: 45 as well as animation With a kids’ zone open to all with workshops, group games and performances, while live music on the track will keep you company between one race and the next.

Also for younger visitors to experience the “saddle baptism” on the pony of the Lombard Equestrian Centre. In short, a mixture of joy, cheer and relaxation amid the nature of the most beautiful horse riding facility in Italy, which includes a botanical garden with 55 species of plants and shrubs from all over the world that can be visited independently in stages; Then Leonardo Horse, the world’s largest equestrian statue inspired by the drawings of the genius Vinci. Finally, full immersion in the greenery and architecture, in full Liberty style, of a racetrack opened in 1920 and the only riding facility in the world declared a “heritage of the national interest.” All the prerequisites for fun and enjoyment on a Sunday, also because the show is guaranteed on the track with seven races that can also be followed while enjoying appetizers or stir-fries at the snack bar or restaurant.

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On the track, as mentioned, the Federico Tesio Prize, the second set test on the 2,200m large track fit for horses aged 3 and over, is the highlight of the afternoon with a prize money of €152,900. Tesio’s character is known as horse racing, but not always to ordinary people. Born in Turin in January 1869, Tessio is considered one of the world’s most important thoroughbred breeders of English horses, so much so that he is nicknamed Leonardo da Vinci for horseracing or ‘The Wizard of Dormelo’, the latter rooted in an estate that opened in 1898 near Lake Maggiore, in the province of Novara. , thanks to the financial assistance of his wife and archer Lydia Fiore, who is also a horse lover and author of genealogical updates for breeding mares in ‘The Famous Red Book of Dormelo’. From there a host of great horses, from Nearco to Ribot, with many successes and many wonderful tales.

He died at the age of 85 in Milan (May 1, 1954), and today several horse races are dedicated to Federico Tissio, also in the United States, and bear many streets and squares in some Italian cities, including Dormilito and Milan. Noun. For this reason, the technical depth of this race is high, which is further emphasized in this version by the presence among the Tempesti novices, bearers of the Dormello Olgiata dynasty, with Lanfranco ‘Frankie’ Dettori in the mountains, one of the strongest jockeys of all time, who will have to compete On the victory over the Germans, first and second in the last Jockey Club, or Sivahan and Best of Lips. we will see. A wonderful proposal, in short, for a race day that will witness, among other tests, the Del Piazzale (Group III), in memory of Enrico Camici, the Auction Prize, the Final Prize, and the restoration of the Primavera. After, in detail, the technical program for the 62nd day of the season in Milan gallop.

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