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Because she belittles Ignazio Moser live on TV, I've never seen anything like this - Libero Quotidiano

Because she belittles Ignazio Moser live on TV, I’ve never seen anything like this – Libero Quotidiano

Francesco Friedla

Ignazio Moser Shave to zero. A blow to the heart for Cecilia Rodriguez Whoever sees him in Honduras – where he worksThe famous island While cutting his hair and beard. To reach the final of the reality show you are hosting Elary Blasey On Canale 5, Untouchables compete in pairs: Valentina Faris e Matteo Diamante; Miria is stable e Isold Costner; Ignazio Moser Ed terrifled In the famous grill. After winning the tests comes the challenge to television.

But why did Moser shave his head? The authors test ego Andrea CirioliShave completely to zero for a kilogram of spaghetti daily with tomato sauce for the whole week. Good shot, tough choice. The former tronista says no: beard and hair don’t touch. “I had never shaved my beard except once and it looked like a bitch with a nose“, Says Ciroli. Ignazio Moser thinks differently, as he accepts and changes his appearance. Perfectly shaved, fresh and clean. Ready to give everyone a plate of spaghetti.

The result isn’t bad at all: Moser looks sexier than ever. His girlfriend Cecilia Rodriguez looks at the scene a bit loch. Then she finally accepts this new look and is convinced that Ignazio can be one of the winners of the popular island of 2021. Surely in the last days, hunger weighs on her shoulders. Now that Moser beats carbohydrates, he can get stronger and pass the strength tests better. It is near, the last mile to be overcome for the untouchables has arrived. Back in Italy is around the corner

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